I am making very good progress and I am glad to hear of other peoples progress. I see a lot of people posting " just index" so on and so forth.. I don't get to see any one saying whew just made 1000.00 bucks .. or its been a year and I can pay a bill. I APPRECIATE ALL THE TRAINING , from the main affiliates but I find it hard to recruit if im not sure. I am making money as an Amazon Affiliate its cut and dry, I just want to hear from a few one year two year success stories.

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Tabithas1 Premium
every one mentioned the same handful of people like lilmama.. ok
BenjisDad Premium
check out dylanrieger, jerryhuang, grace littlemama, fiftarina, nathaniell, ivetriedthat... there are TONS of successes
DValentine Premium
Hi Tabitha - I agree, it is good to hear the successes in order to validate the process. 3 current WA members spring to mind:
and, just for kicks

Put these names into the gray search bar at the top of the screen and check out their profiles, blogs and comments
JKulk1 Premium
Over the time I've been here I have read a large number of blogs about people's earnings. Little mama (Grace) is one that comes to mind. Jim