I'm gradually working up a strategy to flesh out my site, and would like to see if someone can clarify a rules issue. I'm sure many here are building email lists as part of their marketing strategy, with the intent to market WA and other niche related items to their list members.

Does this run contrary to the WA no spam rule #10 and #12 at https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/wealthy-a...
10. Asking for personal contact information
12. Soliciting communication outside of the Wealthy Affiliate platform

How do we build a list (asking for personal contact information) and sell or otherwise communicate with that list (communication outside the Wealthy Affiliate platform) without running afoul of those rules?

Can it be 'legally' done if the email list being built is to secure email addresses of those interested in affiliate marketing? Can communications with a list member continue after that member has become a Premium member? If no communications are possible to a member of the email list who became Premium, can it resume if they drop their Premium membership?

If an email list member becomes a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, is there an Wealthy Affiliate API we can tap to ensure outside communication to an email list member is discontinued?

Assuming I've created a free membership section of my web site, accessible only to members of the email list, how would it be affected when an email list member became a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate? Is it possible to use cookies to allow access to the members only area of my web site for any Wealthy Affiliate member who is logged into the Wealthy Affiliate site?

Apologies for the run on of question after question, but building the email list and membership area (and integrating the two) is a fair amount of work, and I don't want to be banned for my efforts.

Thanks for taking the time to read, evaluate, and respond!


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PeterANolan Premium
BTW...I am not so sure of your business model as in "coaching for free"...do you plan to have a membership fee?
Prestones Premium
No membership fee, Peter. I'd like to set up a funnel which has a bit amount of information available to any site visitor, but which has more information available if you register (for free) on the site. The act of registering puts you on an email list.

If that registered visitor wants to delve deeper (as I'd encourage in my autoresponder), they would follow a registration link to my custom home page for WA - and hopefully they'd register ;)

They would get access to still more free information on my site, as well as getting access to all the information available to all the free information available at WA. I know that now and forevermore the amount of free information on my site would pale by comparison... but work with me here!

Finally, if they become a Premium member, they would have access to still more information on my site, as well as everything WA has to offer. Just by way of example, I'm working on putting together 4-6 page summaries of all the live trainings for those registered on my site who become premium.

I hope to be able to use cookies on the respective users' machines to differentiate the free members at WA from the Premium members, and to base site access on those cookies. Still have a number of wrinkles to work out though.

There would be no fee, regardless of access level. I'll probably set up a store once I've got the big pieces in place for the system I've outlined above.

That's my plan at the moment - subject to change at any moment!

PeterANolan Premium
Hi Dennis,

These are actually very good questions. So let me show you what I am doing, ok?

First. No one likes spamming. But everyone is cool with a good offer that they might benefit from.

So. As the saying goes. You need a blog, a squeeze page and an autoresponder. So many people have told me this that even I am starting to believe it.

I also think it is best to have a store. Somewhere that people can actually buy what it is you are selling as a store as well as to feature the products on a blog.

Now...if you put a link somewhere next to some useful comments that draws people to your site and they double opt in? No one is going to accuse you of "stealing" contacts.

As long as you make a comment that is useful and sensible people are pretty ok because we are all adults and following a link and putting your name and email address in it is hardly "coercsion" or "stealing".

If people are interested in what you have to offer then they will opt in.

If they are not interested in what you have to offer they will not.

Once they have double opted in you can email them just fine. They can leave the list at any time. Personally, I use Get Response because that is what comes with iPAS2 which I also promote. I gather there are not so many people who have both WA and iPAS2....but hey, it's all interesting and fun, right?

If someone from WA wants to join your list? Cool.

If someone from your list joins WA? Cool.

No one is going to hang you for emailing someone you have the email for who happens to take a future action. Similarly, even here, if someone says "well this is what I am doing as an example" no one is going to take issue with that.

Sure...someone might "complain" but you can pretty much ignore them because someone will always complain about EVERYTHING, am I right?

So...for example....these sorts of comments would be considered ok because I took the time to make a useful comment. If I just posted these links it would be far less ok.....so this is an example of doing what you are talking about.

I have recenlty decided to build an Internet Marketing Mastermind Team as an MLM to take on board young disadvantaged men and to give them the skills they need to be successful in IM. There are so many young and disadvantaged men out there that no one cares about....so it is a project that I am pleased to be able to now take on.

My site for men called ManBook is doing great but it is "politically incorrect". So I created a second site that is on my old personal domain. I also have a team site under my German name of Joschua Boehm. All of them have email forms that people can sign up for.

So I built a store in woocommerce to offer great deals on the best products that Internet Marketers might like to pick up. These are almost ALL products I use so I am not putting up rubbish, right?


Of course there have to be some freebies.

Then you can get more "creative" with really cool products like Traffic Zombie. This is a way of giving away a freebie for confirmed likes on facebook and tweets on twitter. I got in on the USD47 launch lifetime deal. I was amazed people did not stampede this thing...it is getting me LOTS of shares.


So...see what I mean?

Sure, I am commenting on your question and I am including some links....but I am also offering you some ideas on what are good ideas for your site and where the "line" is drawn for making comments.

If you add value? No one will be concerned.

If you spam people? You will draw some complaints...

Prestones Premium
Got it...

I've finally met someone here that writes comments the length of mine. Thanks much for the effort! I had to follow you, just to see how you keep track of all the moving pieces.

Excellent response - and much appreciated!

speakwealth Premium
Those rules apply to your posts on Wealthy Affiliate, not your own websites. You can do whatever you want on your websites.
Prestones Premium
Good catch Jim! I was looking at it from the wrong perspective, and trying to jam a square peg into a round hole - story of my life. Looking at it as your site / my site all the pieces fall into place.

Now all I need to do is sort out the API / cookies issues. All in good time, I suppose.

Thanks again!

FHagstrom Premium
I'm not an expert at this and I guess Kyle and Carson would be the only ones who could answer that question but, you may be over thinking things a bit,
If someone visits your site and signs up for your email list, especially with a double opt in system. They are your customer and you can email them.
If they join WA, you already had a relationship with them prior to them joining,
If your uncle joins WA, would you be banned from contacting him? I think not
Prestones Premium
I know it's a spacy set of questions I've answered, and that not communicating to family and friends who are members is definitely a bit over the top. Further, email marketing is part of the foundation of our online businesses.

Yet - the rules see kinda hard and fast.

Stay tuned, and thanks for sounding off in response!

TerrBarr Premium
Absolute build your list, This is all about building your business.
Best practice is to offer something for their details like a newsletter or gift.
Insist on them giving you their email and name for a reason, integrity and permission are essential.
Once someone has given you their email & details it is between the two of you and WA isn't responsible.
Kyle would be able to be more detailed in his response about the legalities of any WA rules