I'm tracking the amount of clicks I'm getting on my affiliate link. It's about 27 click but no one has signed up yet... my airplane is still at 300? My main push is education plus the opportunity for people to make more money. I these, to me, are huge benefits!!! Like... really huge. I'm going to keep pushing... anything else I should do?

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mama2karsten Premium
Go to live video classes. Jay has done several WAbinars on that subject. Just look through the more recent titles. It is too lengthy for me to explain at this time... Sorry. But Jay (Magistudios) has shared some great tips in his videos.
TonyHamilton Premium Plus

Do You have a lead system to be able to email your visitors?

That would be a big part of building trust with your visitors.

Let me know if this helps,

Adrianne Premium
I'm working on building my website and wanted to have good ... and a lot of... content before directing them to my website, so I've just been directing them to this website.
Adrianne Premium
This response does help though. No shortcuts. Thank youuu!