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JohnFricker Premium

Name: Covert Cash Conspiracy (CCC)


Owners: Matt Benwell

Price: $37.00

Overall Rank: 1.0 out of 10


Covert Cash Conspiracy is an internet marketing training program by Matt Benwell.
Matt claims to teach beginners how to earn as much as $100,000 per month in passive income and you even start earning significant money within 48 hours without a website, technical know-how, or much effort or investing in advertising.


The Good:

PRO #1: The price to join is just $37.00 and he discounts to $17.00
PRO #2: Guaranteed to earn at least $1,000.00 1st 40 days; 60 day satisfaction or 100% refund
PRO #3: The video does candidly state that "it’s not easy" which “sounds” credible at first.

The Bad:

CON #1: The written description by Ben says, “it’s the easiest I’ve ever seen” which contradicts what he says in his video and undermines his credibility.

CON #2: The CCC system is outdated; sites techniques recommended no longer exist or work differently now. Many of these techniques are known as “Black-Hat” which refer to loop holes in algorithms that can be used to your advantage. As an example, a loophole in Google’s search engines rankings can drive your ranking and ultimately drive your earnings. However, loopholes quickly get closed when discovered. And for using a loophole, you may be penalized and lose all the money, traffic, and content you’ve created.

CON #3: Explanation of many things are simply not sufficient to serve as a proper guide to be successful. Someone that isn’t at least somewhat knowledgeable in the online space would be stuck very quickly with little resource to move ahead.

CON #4: CCC claims to generate $1,000s of dollars the first week, and that “by this time next week you’ll be quitting your day job” even without any prior experience which is very unrealistic.

CON #5: CCC claims that there are “limited copies” available and threatens to take the website offer down as soon as they’re gone which does nothing to reassure you that this is a legitimate system.


There is no training other than the initial product explanation.


There is only a single footnote at the conclusion of the presentation which states, “Customer Support? Please Contact:”.

No mention whatsoever of a community, forum, or other type of ongoing support or hours of operation.


The CCC system raises many “red flags” in terms of having lacking credibility, making outlandish claims, and threats of limited time and opportunities to join. Buyer beware.


We are living in a world where it's true that if you have an internet connection and a device to connect to the internet, you can earn good money online, and even build your own business online.

If you have struggled to find a way to do this, or feel that you’ve been ripped off by some program(s), or maybe you just feel that you don’t have the knowledge, experience, or skills to get started, my best recommendation to you is to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

You will learn how to take any idea or area of interest and build a website and business online, or even multiple websites/businesses.

And truly, you need No prior experience or skills.

>Wealthy Affiliate is my BEST recommendation for online business with or without your own product or service.

They're a legitimate partner, service provider and adviser for your business.

Wealthy Affiliate has a massive network of like-minded entrepreneurs who are "learning and doing" at the same time to build successful online businesses, achieving their dreams of earning real money, and creating freedom to do what they really want to do with their lives.

Please visit my website at
LouiseBT Premium
Hi John

You only need to leave the link to your article here, not the whole article. The aim is to get members to visit your site (creating traffic to your site which Google loves) and to leave comments on your site (creating engagement which Google also loves).

JohnFricker Premium
Thank you Louise for setting me straight on this! I'll post it to my site.
You're a precious friend for taking the time on this.
AriellaH Premium
Hi all!! I am posting my review. I would greatly appreciated if you can give me some feed back and anything I should add or maybe keep to myself. Also, if you would please take a look through my website and give me feedback for that as well. Please and thank You.
RDulloo Premium
Hi Ariella. I left comments on both your posts. Your Wealthy Affiliate review, I think is okay. But be sure to add some graphics, like pictures or a video.

When it comes to your review on link posting, I think it is very short. It should be around the 1000-word mark. Don't forget to add some pictures too.. :)

I would really appreciate some comments on my posts as well.

Thanks a ton!
CATaylor Premium
Here's my first non-wealthy affiliate review. Its something I saw being promoted and I liked the discount code! plus I like Google products a lot and find them extremely useful. Thanks for checking out my review and please leave a comment if you have experience with any google products.
Thank you!
RDulloo Premium
Left you a comment.. :) Would love one on my latest post too..

Thanks !
Shanecro Premium
I don't do reviews I discuss ways to escape the rat race and make passive income through affiliate marketing and investing I have not finished my investment post as of yet but it will be up soon.
feel free to check it out and leave a comment and I'll return the favor.

Docutac Premium
I left a comment,
HelenpDoyle Premium
OK this isn't precisely a product or services review. It is part of a series I am writing on how to identify and avoid scams, no matter what the P or S is. I would love comments. (And if you see any bloopers please give me some feedback here - not on my post.)
DeRaj Premium
I just left a comment on your page. I will love if you can provide any comment on my this page:-
It is actually a forum for Wealthy Affiliate where you can share your experiences or place queries related to Wealthy Affiliate.
Thank you :)
HelenpDoyle Premium
Suman, thanks for commenting. I left a comment on your forum.
HelenpDoyle Premium
I keep losing this page! I have to wait until I get a notification that someone else has posted a link here. Whoops. Better bookmark it.

I have done a recent review of Bluehost. I would love some comments on site and any feedback you have here (not on site)/
papisphone Premium
Thanks for sharing. I've left you a comment :-)