I am currently running a banner ad promoting Wealthy Affiliate in a website popular among online income seekers.

(728x90 long horizontal banner displayed above the fold)

Banner says, "Stop struggling to make money online.. and get the help you need. Join WA. Click here for details".

Looking through their stats, I noticed that the click through rate and conversion is going down, from 10%, then to 9%, and now at 8%.

It has been there for almost a week now, and I'm considering to take it down or replace with something else. Maybe, another one from Wealthy Affiliate's arsenal of banners.

Some say "you have to be persistent to see results, don't take it down". Others argued, "people get immune to your banner and are no longer paying attention".

Okay, persistence and familiarity...

...once people finally convince themselves that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal, since they are familiar with me that I am promoting WA business, they will seek me out and join. (Personal branding)

But, this may be just a product of my imaginative mind, and does not work accordingly in the real world.

Sounds a bit confusing, right?

You may say, "Continue advertising week or months, only then that you will see a good conclusion".

Are banner ads worth the money?

Do you have experience doing the same strategy? Would you mind sharing some wisdom for us?

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mickeyb123 Premium
There are a lot of people involved in IBO. I find them inquisitive and encouraging, for the most part.

Since the best thing to do is: Plan your work and work your plan, I say stay on course for a predetermined amount of time, while monitoring like you have been doing.

Go in and create and publish a press release, drawing people's attention to it and ensure it is on your profile page.

(I haven't seen it yet, so...)
ShuiHyen Premium
Hi, can you let me know which site you’re advertising
GomMagtibay Premium
IBO Tool Box.