To Mr Kyle My name is Blanca Esquivel I have been working in my site for sometimes now, however, I need to pause the progress and suspend my account.Is this possible? or should I submit an account cancellation altogether? do not take the $49.00 for December please.

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EdsonN Premium
Hi Blanca
It is good to take pause, sometimes the timing got to be right. Are sure you are not going to miss Christmas eve traffic if you have website? You really did well so far. How was the journey have been for YOU?
apache1 Premium
There is no suspension of accounts you would need to cancel your membership before the due date it is due.

Look at your accounts setting them membership look when your payment is due on the right hand side and canceled before the due date.

This has to be done manually by you also sending a request as you have is not the way to go.

Here is a link that will show you how to cancel Again I stress cancel before the membership is due otherwise you will be charged on the due date..

Wishing you well along your journey and you are always welcome to come back when you are ready.

If you own your website and have it hosted here you have 30 days from cancellation to move it to another hosting when you most likely will be charged just to let you know.