Do I have to do only a website about foreign languages only? Or how can I promote other programs? Example; I love languages but also would like to promote computers, spirituality and real estate. How can I go about it? Everything on one website or do I have to do a different website for each one?

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Go-Givers Premium
you're not limited on the number of websites you can have
DipendraSah Premium
You join Clickbank affiliate program, Your Category are Available Language course, Spiritually ..
Wilburdn1969 Premium
As below, do one website for each niche and if you do have any that overlap you can link on both, however looking at your niches I don't see any overlap potential but computers could impact on real estate and languages I guess!!
yogini88 Premium
Hi, everything you mentioned sounds like 1 niche. You need to think about doing 1 niche per website. Try to Think about products that you could promote in each niche. I would choose something that you enjoy writing about the most as you are going to be spending quite a lot of time thinking about ti.
countrylife Premium
I include ONE niche a website.
Can have may items and programs but must be related to niche.