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Although the main percentage of my sales comes from the organic traffic on my website, last seven days I lost a few sales because of my social media inactivity.I just didn't have time to create social content and as a result I have only 5 visits from Monday till today! :( Usually, I have 50-65 weekly visitors from the social platforms.Why is this example important?As a beginner, you have a chance to get a few sales for week, by posting content on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitt
May 06, 2018
This is off-topic, I even don't know how many of you heard for Sir Alex Ferguson, but I need to send a message also via this platform - Sir, I wish you a full recovery and you NEED to win this game like you've won many games in your life! My heart is with you, stay strong!(actually, maybe it's not off-topic because this man is a live example of success, in any aspect of life).
One of the things I like most about this company is that WA is never late with its payouts! Cheers folks!
It all started here. You can learn amazing things here at WA for a very short time.When I made my first website I thought I would need a year to make a profit. I was wrong.Now, though I'm satisfied with the great profit from this site, I started working on my second website :) The Wealthy Affiliate really has incredible power only if you use it in the right direction. My advice - help others, unconditionally. When you help other people achieve success, you gain their trust, and when you gain tr
April 14, 2018
Our cousins came to visit us and they'll stay for the next 7 days in our home. So I had to move my 'office' out of the free room on the terrace. This is my new workplace :)Now I work with even greater pleasure because it's over 18-19 degrees during the night, and I look forward to the coming days :)Cheers
April 09, 2018
This is my website traffic data for the last week.I just want to say "thank you", to all those who support me, especially the members of Wealthy Affiliate!An online business is available to everyone, and it's perfect when you have a good support! Cheers!
Sun, blue ocean, lots of happy and smiling people...Inspiration comes by itself when you experience all this!It is unbelievable how the environment affects people and their feelings.Life is so beautiful, you have to be positive and good results will come, surely!In business, in love, in every aspect of your existence.Have a wonderful Sunday :)
April 07, 2018
What experiences do you have with Google+ ? I have about 130 followers and I only notice a couple of visits to my website through this social network.On the other hand, I've read more articles about how Google+ is really a powerful network and that it also helps get a better ranking on the Google browser itself.I'm really happy with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but I would like to improve my traffic from social networks, so I'm interested in your opinions!TIA!
The good thing about online business is that you are not limited to one or two ways to get to success.It took me about two months to figure it out. All started with the Wealthy Affiliate story, then the jigsaw puzzles began to match! :) Connect WA with two more ideas = Passive Earnings ForeverExplore the internet, you will reach your goals in very unusual ways!Cheers!
Yesterday was the best day in my online business so far. With incredible 7 sales, and 115 organic visits, I overcame all my personal records :)I have a lot of positive energy I have to share here with you!Today is another beautiful day here on the island and I hope that today's results will be near yesterday's achievement.It is possible to earn passive income, you only need a little effort, luck, and minimal investment!So folks, stay positive and never give up!Cheers!