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When is the question I asked myself after resuming my Online Marketing journey. Hopefully, you'll understand the message I'm trying to get through to each of my readers. When?So you've had a few setbacks, you're down on life, and there seems to be no way out of this miserable situation. What are you going to do? Ask yourself when? That's what I had to do recently. I remember the slogan printed on the front of the Life magazine in the 70's with a Marine Corps Drill Instructor on the front cover
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January 23, 2017
It's been a year and what happened? I've been a WA member now for 1 year. Have you ever taken an inventory of your life just to see what has gone on in your life worthwhile or to see where you've wasted valuable time? Well I decided to do just that and I'm willing to share this with you to keep you encouraged. I'm going to bullet each item some with discussion and some without. Remember this is an inventory list. Joined Wealthy Affiliate - January 2016Studied and worked through the WA program w
August 22, 2016
I've taken my first real vacation. By real I mean no computers, no phone calls, no looking at my smart phone to answer text message, and no books. Just family time. Spending time with my son, his wife and their children in Baltimore Harbor was a real blast! No schedules just grand children. Upon my return, I've created 3 new pages that should have been done several months ago. I didn't realize how burned out I was and a "break" is really what I needed to regain my focus on this journey. This is
I've had a three week period of can't focus, lost discipline, didn't feel like planning, and accountability just went out the window. Besides being sick again, my job has been stressful and coming home looking at my computer was just that,"looking at my computer." I suppose it's normal. The one thing that I'm glad I did in the beginning; I planned (business plan) and I set goals and objectives.If you haven't created your business plan then you're wrong. You're setting yourself up for failure. P
February 11, 2016
I joined the Wealthy Affiliate program, for free as a newbie, on 01/01/2016. My ranking was in the neighborhood of 526342 to now 546; incredible for 41 days! This is such a huge accomplishment for me. I'm 60 years old, a baby boomer, obtained my MBA at the age of 57 and now I'm on my next journey to making money online.Whoever said technology is for the young must not know the determination, commitment, and perseverance of a baby boomer who is not ready to retire. I've created my first ever web
February 03, 2016
I've taken off several days because I've become addicted to this program. I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel now because all of the programs that I've purchased in the past now have a monetary value to me...they're all affiliate programs. I have an opportunity to recoup my monies from them now that I have a program teaching how. This also allows me to pursue my dream of being a Strategic Marketing Business Consultant to small-mid sized businesses. Please review my site and provide commen
January 29, 2016
How many times are you asked if you are able to deliver and you come back with words like:Well usually...I might be able to.... I should be.....I won't be....Most likely...If only....Really if....All of these words we belt out unconsciously not realizing that we are saying to our clients or prospects that we are uncertain and if you aren't doing business with me now don't do it because "I'm just not sure" I can service you. This is powerful and we must train ourselves to think before we speak.
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There have been many successes in my life as well as setbacks that are not counted as failures. As I look at them all now I understand my purpose was to help those who were helped and to continually be a vessel for those in need. I never asked for anything or looked for anything except the success of each and everyone of those people.Now I'm reaching inside to develop my talents and skills into a profitable business doing what I am meant to do; lead. I thought once that I had failed because I d
January 27, 2016
How much time is worth your time in starting your new business?How much time is worth your time in starting your new business? When you sign up with a program one of the questions asked is how much time will you be able to spend weekly studying the program? Is this a fair question to ask someone who is close to retirement, tired of working for the man, has medical issues and may not be able to continue in order to retire? Is time an obstacle that you continue to let get in your way? How importa
I've really been hard on myself as far as my life's accomplishments are concerned. I've beat myself up for not reaching the rank of general, for not becoming the top logistics manager in the field, the physical educator that I could have been and so on. I've gone through a somewhat slum in my life where from the outside things look great but only if you knew the challenges. When I review my life and all of the potential that people saw, those things were what people saw in me. They thought I wa