It's Been A Year

Last Update: January 23, 2017

It's been a year and what happened? I've been a WA member now for 1 year. Have you ever taken an inventory of your life just to see what has gone on in your life worthwhile or to see where you've wasted valuable time? Well I decided to do just that and I'm willing to share this with you to keep you encouraged. I'm going to bullet each item some with discussion and some without. Remember this is an inventory list.

  1. Joined Wealthy Affiliate - January 2016
  2. Studied and worked through the WA program with excitement and zeal
  3. Work increased on my job requiring more time of me as an Operations Supervisor
  4. Kept my nose to the grinder studying and trying to do something everyday on WA -Jan -Mar 2016
  5. Lost a member of our operations team meaning my workload increased but continued to write and study at WA - Apr -June
  6. Joined the YMCA and began working out
  7. On the job workload increased an we received a new team member. Less work on WA
  8. Preparation for the seasonal increase of workload in our distribution facility less work on WA.
  9. Total emphasis on job less on the gym. - July - Sept
  10. Mother dies on her 93rd birthday -October 14
  11. Back to work Nov 8 seasonal work has increased
  12. No work done on anything dealing with my personal passions, still grieving and depressed - Nov - Dec 2016
  13. 2017 Jan - Trying to get back in the middle and continue on with my dream; still grieving but life is getting better

WA family things are going to happen in our lives that get us off track a bit but, keep your focus on what's important at that time and steer back on track when the road is clear.

"Always Progress!"

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RoopeshG Premium
Thank you so much for sharing. My sincere condolences to you.

Wish you tons of success at WA. You doing great.
VonWright Premium
Thank you Roopesh. Getting back on track again!