Questions by Vitto0 6

I messed my dns up
Hey guys,I am looking for help.I connected my DNS and moved my siterubix…
5 years ago 14 Replies
Why is there an 8mb WP upload limit
Is there any possibility to rise the limit when importing pics or backup…
7 years ago 14 Replies
Is my website going in the proper direction?
Hi everyone,those of ya who r following me probably know that I had a…
7 years ago 8 Replies
what is my wordpress username connecting plugins with my Wordpress
Hey ppl. I seem to have a problem authorising API keys or connecting things…
7 years ago 11 Replies
What is the best auto subscribe plugin
Hey ppl! This is Victor, I am quite new here and I was wonderin if someone…
7 years ago 7 Replies
how to restore my wordpress visual kitchen
I have a problem my wordpress kitchen is gone.Sometimes when I am on the…
7 years ago 2 Replies