I've been a WA member for over 5 years now. In that time, I've "discovered" a method of conquering large markets which are seemingly impossible to conquer. I'd like to share this method with the WA community. I know it'll help you. I'll even provide you guys with case studies :)

Before I get into this method which has personally worked for me, I'd like to mention that although I've been a member of WA for over 5 years now, I've almost never given back to the community in terms of helpful blogs or services.

This is really due to 1 reason: I want to be sure what I recommend works & not be one of those guys who knows a lot of info or talks theory, but has little success to show for it. There are many people in this world, including WA who have that habit and personally I cannot stand it.

There's a saying that goes "Those who can't, teach" and I don't want to fall into that category! This is one of the reasons I recommend following people who TRULY have great experience and reputation to back up their talk.

Now that I've cleared that insecurity issue ( :D) we can get to the topic of discussion! Rest assured what I write here works and I back it up with proof. 3 case studies in fact!

Here is the basic theory:

You have a VERY competitive niche. You can't get into it no matter what you do. PPC is too expensive, there is too much competition via SEO and no matter how much good content you write or follow the rules, you just can't seem to make it. Is it time to call it quits? NO!!!!!!

Instead break the niche down into smaller subsections. Those have lower competition, but still high traffic.

How to conquer the unconquerable niche:

Step 1: Find a tough niche.

Step 2: Dissect the niche into smaller sub niches! (examples provided below!)

Step 3: Write articles/blogs/websites to conquer those sub niches. Use SEO/PPC methods taught here in WA.

Step 4: Profit!

Case study 1:

The niche: A few years back, there was (and still is) a very popular diet called Fat Loss 4 Idiots. This product is by the way advertised on Clickbank! Keywords for this market were incredibly competitive.

The product was selling VERY well and many affiliates were jumping on board to promote it. The first 5 pages for "Fat loss 4 idiots", "Fat loss for idiots", "Fat loss 4 idiots review" and other related keywords were all way too competitive to promote with.

You could try to promote this market via another popular diet out there, but there was tons of traffic looking for this exact keyword.

So here's how I used that 4 step process in this niche:

1. Step 1: Find a tough niche: Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

2. Step 2: Dissect the niche into smaller sub niches. I studied Fat Loss 4 Idiots and discovered they used a method of dieting called "Calorie shifting". So I took a look and guess what? Calorie shifting and keywords related to it have LOW competition, but high traffic.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots --> Calorie shifting --> (Keywords) calorie shifting diet, calorie shifting guide, how to calorie shift.

Ladies & gentlemen, we now have at least 3 keywords to work with!

Step 3: Write articles/blogs/sites to conquer those keywords. Here is the result:

http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Calorie-Shift&id=814828 (Over 100,000 views)

It links to my promotion page:


Step 4: Profit! Type calorie shifting guide into google and you'll get my page as #1. This page has made me $1,000s over the years. And it's all free traffic people!

Case study 2:

The niche: Ever saw the Jason Bourne movies with Matt Damon? If not, it's about a super assassin who forgets who he is, but he totally kicks ass. Long story short, there were many people who enjoyed watching these movies, BUT how do you profit off this niche?

Well one of the key things people noticed in the movies was how Bourne fought. Man oh man if you never saw those fight scenes, you don't know what you're missing! But guess what? There was very little information BUT A LOT of demand to KNOW how to fight like Jason Bourne!

Step 1: Find the niche: Jason Bourne.

Step 2: Dissect the niche: How to fight like Jason Bourne. Remember look for smaller broken up keywords that are related to the niche or are a part of it!

Step 3: Create articles/blogs/sites: http://howtofightlikejasonbourne.com/

Step 4: Profit! This website gets nearly 4,000 views a month! All free traffic! the purpose of this site is to collect an email list and then send out promotions for the relavent niche in question (fighting like Bourne).

Case study 3:

The niche: The dukan diet. This is literally one of the MOST popular diets in the last decade. And all for false reasons! A few years back, we had a Royal wedding. Before it took place, the would be princess at the time was rumored to have used this diet to prepare herself.

What ensued was sheer insanity! People all over the world looking at the dukan diet online and wanting to try it. But here's the truth: She never used it! Just the sheer speculation caused this explosion in popularity!

Anyway this niche wasn't very successful for me because I didn't really focus on it (my mistake!), but here was the breakdown:

Step 1: The niche: Dukan diet

Step 2: Dissect: I had to find keywords that were smaller than this one and more long tailed. This one came up: "how does the dukan diet work".

Step 3: articles/bogs/sites: I wrote an article on streetarticles for it and guess what? It's the second result whenever someone types: how does the dukan diet work.


Step 4: Profit. There wasn't much profit in this, but the traffic is there people and this example is to illustrate that even the most competitive niches have their opportunities!

Summary & more examples:

There are more case studies with this, but the whole point of this post is to show you any niche can be conquered, perhaps not head on, but using this "back door" method.

Another example: P90X. A VERY popular workout. But WAYYYY too competitive. So again break it down into smaller subniches. In this case I had to find out how it works. A few words came up: Muscle confusion (the method of training it uses). I also discovered the market for women & p90x was MUCH smaller. Sooo....

P90X--> (break it down into smaller keywords) P90X for women --> P90x results for women --> Muscle confusion.

Here is a site I made for P90X for women: http://p90xresultsforwomen.com/

The keyword is actually quite competitive, but WAY less competition than the actual P90X on it's own!

The key:

Break down large niches! If there is a method to a niche, exploit it! For P90X, muscle confusion was a less competitive keyword. So was P90X results for women.

For fat loss 4 idiots, it was calorie shifting. And there is HUGE traffic/money potential in these niches.

Again, BREAK down the large niches! Every market has a # of things it's composed of. For diets it could be method, how it affects different genders, if there is a large niche that has different services, break down each service and separately target those keywords.

Every large market/niche has smaller niches to it. Find those small ones and you'll be very happy with the traffic results!

Don't attack the niche head on. Go in through the window, back door. This method helps you do that!


P.S. Since I was asked about this already, I wanted to point out something very important:

Article marketing is no longer a method I would recommend to use for targeting keywords and linking back to your site. Instead use the same methods I mentioned above and apply them to your website.

So whenever you find a new low competition keyword, write an article about it ON your website.

Some of the case studies I mentioned above happened a few years ago, back when article directories still carried some weight in the SEO world. This is no longer the case in 2014 and moving forward.

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dj-drea Premium
these are excellent methods on finding keywords to rank for!
HoJo007 Premium
Hey, great blog post. I realize I am coming across this MUCH later than when you initially posted it, but oddly enough, that is because I randomly came across your website on the first page of Google, while searching for something else and ultimately landed here. You really seem to know what you are doing and have obviously experienced a lot of great success since joining WA.

I am still fairly new to the game and to WA, but I have seen some decent success, as well. I am looking to scale that success and hope to take my business to the next level.

My question is whether the article marketing methods you mention above still work? I remember hearing that this was a great strategy, used by many and many had great results. However, I am hearing that article marketing to sites like ezine, streetarticles, etc is a dead art in the IM world. Is there any truth to that? If so, has it actually hurt any of your sites with more recent Panda and Penguin updates? It seems the newest substitute for article marketing to pages like these, seems to be to write blogs and articles on web 2.0 sites, essentially utilizing the same type of practice. Would you say that is accurate?

Sorry for playing 20 questions here, but you peaked my interest and I am trying to gear my marketing efforts in the most effective way possible. Thanks in advance for any tips and all the best!
Funmine Premium
That could be a ploy to discourage up and coming writers from getting a piece of the pie.

I'm not claiming to be an expert on this topic, but why not give it your best shot and find out for yourself whether or not "article writing is a dead art in the IM world". Believe it or not, myths have been debunked time and again and this could be one of them.
VitaliyG Premium Top 100
You're saying I am encouraging article writing because I secretly want to see people fail Adejoke?
VitaliyG Premium Top 100
Howie to answer your question, article writing isn't completely dead, but I would focus ENTIRELY on keeping all your content on your site following the same methods.

So in other words, find those low competition keywords and write the content on your site.
Funmine Premium
Absolutely not, Vitaliy! Don't get me wrong. I'm on your side here. I was referring to the 'myth' flowing around about article writing.

This is a great post and very educative. BTW, I've bookmarked it for future reference.

I wish you much more success.
VitaliyG Premium Top 100
I apologize for misunderstanding Ade! Actually, after reading through the post, I decided to add some more updated info on not using article directories anymore. In hindsight, this all turned out for the better so thank you :)
Funmine Premium
You're welcome, Vitaliy! Thanks for the update. The info is really helpful.
HoJo007 Premium
Thanks, man! And I was also not saying that it was necessarily "dead," but really asking in order to get an idea from those who have been around for a while. I have been following the advice you recommended and will continue to do so. It seems to be paying off well. If anything, I think something that is very similar to article marketing that also helps with authoritative back-links and improvements in rankings is to post on Web 2.0 sites. I am not talking about using the mass submission tools with spun article content and a backlink, but actually talking about manually doing it with some of these sites, providing valuable content, as well as a backlink to your site. It seems to be read well by Google, provides you with a backlink from an authoritative High PR site, gives a boost to rankings and also seems to provide extra arsenal for certain keyword phrases when people land on you articles through those sites and then click through to yours. A site I use quite often for nearly anything I post on my site is Scoop it. It provides excellent backlinks and also allows others to curate your content (with your backlinks still embedded). I appreciate the quick response and feedback. All the best to both of you!
VitaliyG Premium Top 100
Personally, I have taken away all my focus from backlining entirely unless I make videos or socially share my content. I go the route of building up content and letting my authority build up. It takes longer, but I feel the more Google evolves, the more it's focus continues to be on content.
HoJo007 Premium
I completely agree. They definitely seem to be focusing more on delivering quality and more relevant results to search. The days of shortcuts seem to be dramatically cut down, but those that are taking the time to build quality content now, I believe, will benefit greatly from it in the future. Again, thanks for your response.
caylynn Premium
I think it is great you have brought back to life one of your blogs from a while back (almost a year for me).
Was inspired then, and now again. Case studies say it all. It's called researching your niche. ^_~
stevejf Premium
I'm glad someone's had the gumption to say this!

"I want to be sure what I recommend works & not be one of those guys who knows a lot of info or talks theory, but has little success to show for it. There are many people in this world, including WA who have that habit and personally I cannot stand it."

I agree with you and I can't stand it either. If a person says they have a method for making a million then they should go away, do it, prove it works, make a million and then come back and talk. Until then I for one will not take them seriously.
Until it's proven it's just empty words.
Faraz Ahmed Premium
Dude! I just read this article. It was an eye opener for me. You have explained it all so well and have given me so many ideas, it's unbelievable. Thank you so much.
Great post Vitaliy. I'm very new here and to IM but can see the usefulness of the methods you describe. Thanks.
VitaliyG Premium Top 100
Thank you! Sorry for the late response. Hopefully I'll be able to provide more useful information to WA members :)
Shields Premium
This is the first time I have seen the nitty gritty of the whole picture. Before it was like just hearing words, but you presented the techniques in a series of pictures that may very well, make a major difference for me and for many of this community. Thank you so much! Continued Good Fortune!
VitaliyG Premium Top 100
Thank you! I hope these ideas work well for you.
thank you so much for your article, you really helped me.
VitaliyG Premium Top 100
My pleasure!
DarleneN Premium
Good info here. I have a couple of websites that are in very competitive markets. I've been trying to figure out how to make them profitable again. Definitely will give your ideas a try. Thanks!
VitaliyG Premium Top 100
My pleasure! Take the backdoor approach to these competitive markets. Find out what they are composed of, then take that component/s and turn them into keywords. Believe me when I say people don't just look at the keyword head on, they study products and what makes the product and look for those keywords too. The above examples to illustrate this was calorie shifting for fat loss 4 idiots and muscle confusion for P90X.
caylynn Premium
Thank you for the inspiration. Browsing on the web for cooking sites...huge. Cooking with my Grandma before I reached my teens, wrote a comp book with what and how to. Then it was my chemistry set that led me to making another what and how to comp book. Flash forward, post-career, am at the edge of deciding on where to start. Instead of a comp book, it has got to be a website on? Still researching.
IMgan Premium
A great blog post pal...Thanks for the sharing. A whole new perspective for me...Cheerios
wendyjane Premium
What a great blog! I've been writing and doing research on calorie shifting for awhile now, good to know you've had success.
VitaliyG Premium Top 100
Nice :). It isn't as hot as it was before, but there are other diets who come out who use the same concept, in which case it's very easy to plug the calorie shifting idea into it as a means to promote a CB product.
jeff2011 Premium
Great post. Thank you for the info. I presume that one can use the WA keyword to follow your line of research
VitaliyG Premium Top 100
MaryC Premium
Thanks for the tip. Will give some of your suggestions a try
BIS Premium
Always interesting to hear the way people have found their success. I like the way you've explained how it's worked for you. Thanks for sharing