How one of WA's success stories is growing his business in 2019.

Last Update: January 21, 2019

Hi folks, in 2018, my online business took a huge nose dive because in 2017, I had worked very little on it, due to private reasons.

In any case, the panic button was pressed and I wondered if this nose dive would be permanent. After my fourth Vegas trip, I had to re-contemplate a lot of my thoughts on online business and get my ass to work.

One of the initial goals I set was to hit 1,000 posts before the end of 2018. I had even posted several blog posts in WA talking about myself reaching these quotas. At the start of 2018, I had about 600+ posts.

By the end of the year though, I reached about 900+.

However, one thing I learned which I want to share with you is that quantity is not the big deal here, it's the quality. As I began my marathon of blog posting, I eventually got burned out and consulted with a few of the other success stories here on which direction to head into...

4 ideas came up, which I am fully pursuing in 2019 and I want to share these ideas with you to help you work SMART this year, because it is through working smart, that you will achieve results.

1) I am finishing up my first Clickbank product that I'll be adding in the near future on it, which I seek to also promote WA through. I am going to hopefully be getting affiliates to promote it for me, so I can work less and have another source of income coming in.

2) I started a new bootcamp site seeking to promote WA. Why in the world would someone who has a successful bootcamp site seek to make a new one?

Well because my main bootcamp site focuses on making money as a whole and when you dig deeper into understanding niches, you'll see that there's way more branches of making money online, than it as a whole.

Specifically, my new site (it's a few months old) is focused on targeting SEO topics and helping people rank sites better. It's currently not promoting WA as of yet, but it will be later in 2019, for sure.

3) My existing MMO site is still chugging along an instead of writing a blog post daily, I now write one every 2-4 days, which is still fine for rankings and growth, because my site, despite seeing a decline in 2018, has seen a resurgance in it since I went on my blogging spree.

4) An additional thing I've done is I started going through this same MMO site (old articles) and optimizing them and by optimizing, I mean running them through Jay's ranking bluprint:

Let me tell you guys that if you are like me and have an old website that has 100's of posts, do this.

As I started from the very end (or beginning blog posts), I was SHOCKED at how badly I was optimizing them for SEO, and frankly, it makes sense because my knowledge of marketing and SEO was new back then, and as I evolved, so did my blogging skills.

So now with the old blog posts (I am still engaged in this), the goal is to optimize them as best as I can, which will make Google look at them once more and possibly weigh them higher in the SERPS, as well as my site as a whole.

It can't get worse because the old posts weren't ranking well to begin with, but with this, there's nothing but good potential things that can come from it.

It's a lot of work, but it's worth it, so I would recommend this be done if your site is old like mine, trust me, you'll find a lot of missing pieces in old blog posts you can optimize and improve upon.

So all this being said, as usual, do the main WA training if you are just getting started and remeber that blogging intelligently (my 3rd goal) is a sure fire way to get more traffic and sales.

The slump and decline I had in 2018 was a blessing in disguise because it pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and really rethink my goals and work to achieve them in greater ways in 2019.

Here's to your 2019 being a success as well!

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MiaL Premium
Thanks Vitaliy. I need to do this for all the posts I did when I was new and had no idea what I was doing. I'm sure when I look at them again I'll be horrified!
Jadatherapy Premium
Congratulations and well done

Thank you for sharing your goals.

Yes it is always good to go back and maintain the site because it could improve overall ranking let alone individual blog posts.

All the best

Lazyblogger Premium
Is funny that you stress on old content. I began that process a month ago and my traffic has increased. This is something that members need to know. Thank you for sharing.
Blessedalso2 Premium
Hi Vitaliy!

It is always good to re-invent yourself every now and then! It helps to refocus, to have different and new perspectives, and to re-energize!

No worries, you're on your way now!

You got this!

All the best,

beachwood Premium
Great post and thanks for the great tips! I have had to refocus my efforts as well as my rankings tanked similarly to yours. I am definitely going to run my sites through Jay's ranking blueprint, that is an excellent idea, thank you!