Are your site comments getting disapproved? Why this happens.

Last Update: December 06, 2021

Hello everyone, so in WA, we have an awesome tool called site comments dedicated to helping people get relevant, high quality comments on their site/s and boosting their SEO in the process.

However, what is also true is that there are many different types of people, personalities and subjective viewpoints of those posting the comments and just as well the same list of diverse qualities in those approving (or disapproving) the comments.

Very often, those 2 parties just don't see eye to eye. Specifically, one party may offer what they consider a good comment, while the person disapproving it thinks differently.

Other times the comment being offered is straight up too low quality and in my opinion being done just to get credits and a good asthetic score for others to see (100% approval rates).

For me, I'm a very picky person when it comes to approving comments and if I disapprove it, I'll add a note as to why so they can see. I've had people disagreeing with me and even complaining that it takes down their "perfect" score.

If this is where your focus is at in WA, in my opinion, you need to refocus on something more important, because no one is perfect and you'll never be able to make everyone happy.

If you disagree with someone disapproving your comment, see their notes and if you still disagree, then it's just 2 different viewpoints that will never see eye to eye (it happens, don't let it bother you).

Let me share some of the stuff I see in the comments I get which I typically will disapprove of:

1) People who make little/no effort in spelling and grammar. I get that there might be people who don't speak english well, but I can tell when it's that case, vs someone who is just writing a comment as though they are texting a friend and I will not approve such comments.

2) People who pretend they don't know what WA is. I've requested comments on posts where I compare programs to WA and people give me comments pretending as though they never heard of it. I like genuine comments to be posted, so I won't approve those.

3) People who write the bare minimum comment that offer no real value. An example would be "thanks for posting your thoughts on so and so. I now know more about so and so. Have a great day". This type of comment holds 0 value in my eyes and will get disapproved.

4) People who post on subjects they have no clue about but just do it for the "points". If you have genuine questions about something you don't know, cool, I'm all for that. But if it's just you writing about a topic you don't know about, it comes off as insincere.

5) Super nitpicky commenters who have to correct every little spelling mistake and grammatical error I make. It just comes off as condescending and rude sometimes, especially if what I write isn't really that bad. It just shows projection of insecurity on the commenters end in my opinion, not necessarily the mistakes in my own content.

6) A lot of people mistake site comments for site FEEDBACK, which are 2 different things. There is a whole section in WA dedicated to feedback on websites here:

Comments I do like to approve of:

1) Typically those that offer REAL value and specific experiences. I love personal stories for instance when people can RELATE to what I write about. This makes it so much more personal and genuine.

2) Questions/comments that challenge my viewpoint and allow me to engage the commenter in a nice discussion.

Final thoughts:

Don't worry about your score. Again, if you're focusing on that perfect "100%", you're setting yourself up for unreasonable expectations and eventually, you will be disappointed because someone for right or for wrong will disapprove your comment. Don't let it bug you.

I still have the 100% approval rate on my end, but if someone were to disapprove my comment today/tom, I'd read why that was the case, make adjustments if they're legit and shrug it off. To me, building my online business is what's most important, not asthetic looks that don't have any ramificiations on my success. I suggest also focusing on that.

And finally, don't be shy to disapprove someone's comment if it (legitimately) doesn't meet your standards. I know a lot of people approve of comments they would under normal circumstances disapprove or, but they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. That's nice and all, but it's your business and you have a right to expect the best, so chase that :)

Let me know your thoughts below!

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DBlanchard Premium Plus
Hi Vitaliy

It's funny that you talk about Site Comment today. I was about to request some but was hesitating.

It has been a very looonng time since I requested a comment.

I just gave up.

I would rather wait for an organic comment coming from one of my readers than try to boost my rank with useless comments coming from someone who only wants their $0.50.

There are some people that do "try" and I do get good comments, but I think a lot of people are just there to make money (in my opinion).

I wrote a few blogs on the subject in the past but not much has changed since: The last time I requested comments I just approved them and once they were on my WordPress dashboard I trashed them. Didn't even bother to disapprove and waste my time telling them why. That's when I stopped requesting comments...

I know, I know, I'm not helping and it's not the way the "system" is designed to work, but as you say so well in your blog most of the comments I get are: "People who write the bare minimum comment that offer no real value. An example would be "thanks for posting your thoughts on so and so. I now know more about so and so. Have a great day".

So what is the solution here? I'm not sure.

There should be some other method that just approves or disapproves maybe? Some kind of a second chance, telling the commenter that he/she needs to improve their comments in order to be accepted and approved?

I am just thinking out loud here 🙂

Anyway, hopefully, your blog will be read by the people concerned here and will see that the money part is just a "bonus" and not a method of making money. They have a blog/website to do that.

Have a great day!
Bridges Premium
As for me, Vitaliy, I am just absorbing all of the knowledge from your posts while constructing my first web site. The more I can learn before I get it published, the fewer mistakes I will make when the time comes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Hi Archie, in terms of posting, I'd just do it vs learning everything and then doing it. The training is designed to help you build as you learn, which is the perfect combo.
west2000 Premium
You've brought up a lot of valuable points. It's better to be able to comment with something of substance and value than to just try and get a score.

Zoopie Premium
Yup, some of the comments that come back can be really frustrating. Some barely intelligible and some who have obviously only skimmed over what was written. I will disapprove of those that don’t hit the mark.

My pet gripe. Lol.
Jenny28 Premium
I have received many low quality comments in the past in which I have had to disapprove.
I agree with all your points here, I like your suggestion of leaving a note as to why the comment was rejected.
Getting a good comment is sometimes rare, and when it happens it’s almost something to celebrate!