500+ visitors a day to my site. WA BootCamp results.

Last Update: April 11, 2014

I'm not exactly a novice to internet marketing, but until I tried the WA bootcamp, I wasn't familiar with what the best SEO practices were 2013 and further.

I decided to dedicate all of my effort into doing the WA bootcamp because I felt there was potential for financial stability there. Plus the fact that helping find out how to truly make money online was also a contributing factor.

Anywhoo, I started my Bootcamp journey sometime in August and finished it rather quickly since I do IM full time. However my traffic growth was very slow and at times I though about quitting. I bugged Kyle so much about this and he kept telling me to add content and the traffic will come.

Being a member of WA for over 6 years, I know what he says is true so i decided to take his advice, made a new post nearly every single day. Now fast forward to today, I've crossed the 500 visitor a day threshold to my site.

Here is a screenshot:

Not sure if you can see it, but the traffic is definitely there. I'm not posting this to show off and frankly I don't even like talking about these things because I'm a very private person, but I'm posting this to tell/help everyone who is currently a member of WA, whether starter/premium that:

  • If you follow the training, whether the certification course or bootcamp.
  • Follow through with what's being taught there.
  • Write and add content consistently to your website.

That you will eventually be able to reach these results and more. Yes it took me half a year to get there, but it pays in the long run. Understand this:

This business is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

You have to commit to it. I'm not saying do this 24-7, but understand that if you're looking for financial stability through this business, then you have be in it for the long haul.

People who are currently promoting WA should understand that the niche is MMO (make money online) which means it is quite competitive. I believe it will take 3-6 months to see some REALLY good results. You can still get traffic before that time, but it likely won't be big. Do NOT let this stop you. Keep going. Trust me, it will eventually rise.

Not every post/page you write will get ranked high. I've had tons of these scenarios where I would write what I consider high quality content, publish it and it would never reach the #1 spot or even the first page. If you are currently experiencing this, do NOT, I repeat do NOT:

A) Wait for it to rise.

B) Let it stop you from continuing to write content and progressing.

Post it, move onto the next. Rinse and repeat!

Find those low competition keywords. Don't worry about the traffic. It will come. Make sure your keywords actually make sense too!

Well that's my report people! I really believe anyone who is in WA, whether promoting it or building a business out of their own niche, struggling or wondering why that success they want hasn't come (YET) should read this post.

Well I'm done. So let me ask you ONE question: WHY are you still reading this? Get to work!

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Hari S Nair Premium
Nice post.. very encouraging bro :)
Rick Jantz Premium
Well deserved. You've been putting a lot of work into your site and the posts I've checked out are top notch. Keep doing what you're doing and the referrals will come. Congrats.
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Thanks Rick, especially for sharing my posts and commenting there too :)
jespinola Premium
Aww good to know those goats have PC,huh?! :P

Many congratulations to you. :)
VitaliyG Premium Plus
More traffic = more high quality goats :P
jespinola Premium
Aw I have the elites ones. :D
VitaliyG Premium Plus
That's debatable :p
jespinola Premium
I have Tiki Goats. :D
TopAchiever Premium
This is a great post! Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated!
party44 Premium
Hey, thanks for the post. To see the type of effort applied to achieve those results. Its creates a clear picture for me of what needs to done. cheers