4th year Vegas Incentive made. What you can do to make this too.

Last Update: July 31, 2017

Well guys, I am proud to report that I will be going to Vegas again in 2018 as today, I have made the 300 sales incentive set up by WA.

After making this happen for 4 years straight, I have learned a lot of things which I would like to share with you, not just for those who wish to make it to Vegas too, but also to those who are running businesses outside the realm of promoting WA.

First of all, know that if you follow the training (affiliate bootcamp and/or online certification course), follow the tasks and really work hard, you will basically be setting up a stable growth of your business from the point you start to the point you finish (which should be never).

The first time I made the Vegas incentive was in 2014, when I made the 100 sale requirement from September to December.

The next year, I managed to make the 300 (counting the entire year), a lot quicker.

Then the next, I also managed to reach the same goal even faster.

It is quite simple and I say this again:

If you follow the training. If you put in the work, that work will act as your business's stability. It doesn't just go away.

If I write a 100 articles on my site for 1 year, they don't just disappear, they rank on Google, gather traffic, bring in referrals.

Then the next year, if I write a 100 more articles, that will add to my original 100 base, making a total of 200 articles, thus my business has grown twice and gathers more traffic.

With the more work I put in, the more it adds to the past work I've done and that makes the business and profits grow year after year.

Whether you are doing affiliate bootcamp or your own niche site, know that this growth is really one of the only best ways available to build an actual stable business from home and that is exactly what the main courses in WA teach.

With each new year that comes, my goal isn't just to make Vegas, but to make it faster, make more sales and keep growing it and all I have to do is continue to do what I've always done: Continue to work.

That is exactly the advice I want to pass off to you. Work, know that your work is not vanishing into the ether, it is on your site, it IS being recognized by Google and it IS acting as a stepping stone to grow your business, success and financial future.

That is all, wishing you all a productive week ahead!

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HalimNajm Premium
Congratulations. Everything is possible with WA
texasprinces Premium
awesome job!!
Loes Premium
Wow! Congrats! My counter is stuck since February this year:(
Lots of numbies and no premium sales
Shipwright Premium
Great post and well done - i want to get there too and will work as hard as i can.
EddySalomon Premium
Congrats Vitaliy! You've provided some solid advice that folks should follow. See you in Vegas. I'm looking forward to this trip this year!
VitaliyG Premium
Same here Eddy! Can't wait!