15 years in WA! Reflections from a veteran member.

Last Update: Sep 23, 2022

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It's been a long time since I've gotten a WA badge but one popped up on my homepage yesterday and it was for being a 15 year member of WA!

It really feels like time flew by since I joined this place in 2007 and it also feels like a lifetime has passed since that moment too, an interesting mix of emotions/feelings to describe, yet here we are!

I'm not going to make this post very long, but what I want to mainly touch upon is how the 15 years I've been in this business, how my life has changed for the better (and continues to) largely thanks to this program, it's community, and what its helped me achieve in life:

I started in WA when I was just in college. At the time, my understanding of business, life, goals was mixed, missing or incomplete (obviously at that age). I never thought I'd actually be here 15 years hence doing this full time and also helping others on the same path I started on and that last point is really the biggest takeaway I want to share with this wonderful community:

It's very rare in my experience for people to "find themselves" in life. For me, I never really knew what I wanted to do for a living growing up but one thing I noticed I really enjoy doing is helping/teaching people move forward in their lives.

Ultimately this is what WA helps me channel and the content I put out outside and inside the WA platform is geared towards helping people find their way in life, where I see myself as someone who does that.

This is why a lot of my content/focus is on helping people find their niche and push them in a direction where they are very happy with this platform and building something they truly love, a mission in my life that intersects with one of WA's main missions too and I like to think that after 15 years that goal has become a very clear one for me and I really enjoy doing that.

Of course I am also continuing to grow my own business, but that idea of channeling passion and being authentic is something I always try to bring to my personal content and that is something I have seen pay dividends, from people trusting me more to them coming to me for advice. It's an honor and a major responsiblity I gladly take on.

But aside from this, I'd like to take the last part of this post to thank the people of this platform for helping me get here:

Kyle and Carson. I can't thank you guys enough for everything you have helped me accomplish, whether it was motivating me to push further with my life/business, supporting me in general to helping me out with personal issues and taking time out of your day to do it, I was always humbled by your work ethics, integrity, ethics in general and everything you do for myself, and the community. I consider you guys some of my closest friends and appreciate everything!

Jay. I've gotten to know Jay since the WA Vegas conferences we've had and I've also spent time hanging out with him a lot too. Jay has always been a funny, understanding and also very supportive guy I'm also very happy to call my good friend. He has helped a TON in these past few years on my business and believe me when I say his webinars/content will help you do the same!

The WA super affiliates. I've met a lot of you guys over the years, had adventures in Vegas (Anyone want to go on a hike next year? :D) and still look forward to having more adventures and awesome experiences.

The WA community. There are countless amazing people who truly help out a lot and seeing the selfless work you guys put into helping this community thrive is something that makes me feel honored to know you all.

Moving forward, I hope to continue on my end to grow and help this community and the platform grow too. The first 15 years have been quite the ride with a lot of learning experiences, obstacles to cross and a lot of wisdom gained, and to the next 15, I seek to positively grow further/higher and reach new heights, while also helping everyone I can here do the same!

WA has been the best career decision I have ever made in my life, not just for business but for the amazing people I feel blessed to have been introduced to. Thank you to everyone. Onward and up!

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This is really awesome Vitaly!
Congratulations! You truly deserve it and you have taught so many of us so many valuable things.
Your classes have inspired me many a time and I have still a lot yet to see.
You are an inspiration for us all. If I had a hat I would take it off for you :)
Thank you very much for all the tips and tricks and good advice.
I agree. Wealthy Affiliate is a decision I will never regret either.

Very inspiring at best. Thank you Vitaliy! I want you to know that you were the one who truly made me understand the word “niche”, as I was trying very hard to relate to it. And Kyle was very right when he advised me to take on what is my true passion.
Now I am moving on to my 2nd month, had my first 3 articles indexed, and I can honestly say that I have truly learned a lot from this WA community. This is the only community I know that everyone tries to help each other succeed.
15 years of helping others succeed is truly notable, and something to be proud of. Congratulations Vitaliy! I hope to meet and congratulate you personally one day. A toast 🥂 to your continuous success and another 15 years into the journey with Wealthy Affiliate !

Thank you Maria :)

Amazing post Vitaliy, thank you for sharing with the community!

WA is, without doubt, the most sincere internet marketing membership site I've ever been involved in. Other members genuinely want you to be successful.

I'm nearly 18 months in now and progress is happening daily. Very exciting!

Keep on consistently keeping on. I cannot fail if I just continue!

Congrats on your 15 years ... that is quite something :-)

Hi Vitaliy...congratulations on your 15-year anniversary!

I look forward to working closely with you and maybe someday getting to meet you (as you are one of my mentors and coaches and the one who brought me to WA).

I hope to make you proud and learn from you and all the other great leaders and successful folks here in this wonderful WA community).


Thank you Mike, looking forward to working with you to achieve your goals!

Great Post man. I only hope I can find my true vocation and perhaps WA is tied up in it.

Hey, Vitaliy

Super congrats on your 15 year anniversary at WA! 🎉

It’s a real pleasure to know you and attend your webinars! 😊

I wish you many more years of good health and prosperity!


Likewise my friend:)


Very awesome, indeed, Vitaliy! You also had the work ethic and drive to make too! That is also very important!

Happy 15th WAnniversary, my friend!

Here's to 15 more!


Thanks Jeff!

You're very welcome, Vitaliy! Keep doing what you do!


Cheers to VitaliyG and congratulations!
I thank you for your great help and inspirations!

Congratulations, if it is anything like my fifteen years here, it seems like yesterday. Even though WA has gone through many changes in that time

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