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That was really surprising for me, i didnt expect such a big growth in short time.... let's keep on moving! aim higher now? next update gonna be when i hit One Thousand!also, i wanna give a big thank you shoutout to @kimwolfe who took her time to make a great analysis and feedback on my site design... gonna try to improve it every time a little bit!cheers!
So, our goal of getting 200 sessions was achieved faster than i thoughtNext goal, 300 sessions in one day My adsense revenue looks like is going up aswellOur goal for that is a $2 day (but I will do a monthly report aswell)Cheers!
Nice, each day I get more excited! is getting more authority and people are coming more often to see the new releases!GOGOGOGO!!!
October 05, 2017
Well, as I promissed in my last post, here is the weekly report from my winnings with adsense on my site a Brazilian site that i use to promote online auctions from industry and governamental entities. I'm having around 100 visitors a day and this where my first adsense week:As you can see in this graph (sorry for being in portuguese, i didnt managed to change it) the main value daily is dictated by the RPM. I'm not really sure if we have powers to influence the rpm
Well, after almos one year here on WA i think i'm not afraid of anyone try to steal my idea/niche anymore, so I'll tell you guys what my site is:'s a Brazilian site focusing on Corporate Asset Auctions Online... kinda specific right?I'm starting to have a more steady sessions per day and people seems to enjoy it.Its having a solid 100+viewers/day as I shared in my last post: i'm earning about R$1400 (~US$440) montly in fixed
So, Finaly I can say one of my site is getting some momentum... Seems to be a nice 100 pageviews/day and glad the bounce rate is decreasing aswell...I implemented the adsense today, so lets see if it brings some nice value. Still have none afiliation % back but still improving the content!
So, continuing my studies, I made a course and got a certification in Advanced AdWords last month (perhaps should I make a training here sometime?) and applied to the site I'm working on.My boss allocated R$500 ( US$150) to make a 3-day campaign and after a lot of working tweaking and making the ads, we finally launched it.It was not an 'omg' experience but we managed to make a very nice traffic niche.As my target are business now, and not people as we are used to, the metrics are a bit differe
May 11, 2017
Well, as seen previously, i had a spike up doe to an event on my site: the event ended, It went a bit down again, but retained some of trafic (that bounce rate is still laughatable)I had some budget liberation to workout on adwords. I'm doing a course on that tool and make some tests (Perhaps I can make a training here in the future,. who knows)cheers, and let's see what happens
April 27, 2017
Awesome! There seems to be some exponential growth in one of my sites:I made some post recently around an event occuring today and seems it really boosted my trafic (the site is about 5months old)The event happens today, so lets see if this boost gonna retain after it or if its gonna back to lower sessions/day after.I'll keep you in touch...Convertion-wise its hard to tell because its a 'sister' site that leads to a client site that really has the sell happening, but hopefully he will be as hap
I'm starting a new side project on the xbox one platform as they launched a new stream aplicatian.If you want to come by and check it out: still in the idea development, but I think I can make some extra bucks in the future... just not sure how to promote it. Any ideas?