I was trying to answer a request for comments and received a warning that the search was not safe.

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Kyle Premium Plus Featured Comment
That website likely doesn't have SSL turned on. If this is the case, you may want to let them know (assuming this isn't your website).

To turn on SiteSSL and make your website https:// (encrypted), head over the the SiteRubix => SiteManager page. Here is the direct link:


Within that page you will be see the SitePlus link, click that. (see attached) Then you will want to "toggle" the SiteSSL feature to "ON" status and SSL will be added to your website within 30 seconds. It is that easy!
keishalina Premium
hey hi Courtney -- good to see you here today! ... it's been a wee while now ...

... looks like our Super Hero Kyle has got the answer for you!

keep well, keep happy!

All the best, cheerio ... ⭐️😊🎈 ...
Mark K Premium
Usually this is down to a SSL certificate not being applied to the site to allow it to use https://

WA offers this service for free if you host with them