Hi all,

I have been using videos on my websites as my blog posts.

I've read a few times that more and more sites are using videos as you can link them from You Tube and it is an extra traffic source,

An examples is: http://affiliatemarketingstars.com/my-wealthy-affiliate-program-review-2017

I would love to know your thoughts and if you have any comments.

Kind regards,


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boomergp08 Premium
Great idea Tom. One thing is for certain, Google definitely likes it when websites use videos, especially YouTube videos. It is not just because Google owns YouTube but videos help to provide a better UX (User Experience) which is a major Google ranking factor.

But one thing you want to remember Tom is that it is still Google's main aim is to index content. So you should still provide more written content than video content, basically with the videos being a compliment to the written content. A great ratio would be 70% written content and 30% video content

I still think what you did was / is a great idea, especially since you did your own YouTube video instead of using someone else's video. Good job! Keep it up Tom.
Toml82 Premium
Thanks for the great advice mate.

I will definitely take everything you said on board and start putting more written content in too.

I will keep you updated on how Im doing too.

Thanks again.

boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome.
greenvee Premium
i think too that it is a good idea to use both and give your readers variety. you could make your blogs into videos and make the videos into written bogs too
JamelCherry Premium
This is a great Idea. I'm starting a travel blog around a video web series and am thinking why not just create a video blog instead of a doing both. But yours seems like a good idea.