A video keeps getting deleted from YouTube. Are there any other options to post this video to a website?

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ThomasPaul Premium Plus
A lot of sites have been censoring certain types of content lately for not complying with “community standards”. It’s possible the content of the video falls into this category.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Lots of other video hosting websites. You could try Vimeo for example. I wonder why it keeps getting deleted though. You could possibly re-upload the same video with a different file name and title. Or you could make it unlisted, and still in embed into your website. You wouldn't get any SEO traffic from YouTube but you would still be able to play it on your site.
Triblu Premium
Hey Jared,

Why is your video being deleted from YouTube is the important question to ask. Not knowing that I hesitate to suggest that you ever post that video anywhere online in case it would leave you libel.

Hope you find this helpful.
JoeRebisz Premium
You can post it to your website and if done properly, it should play for your visitors.