If you have a YouTube Channel, you will probably wonder who subscribed to your channel.

As my list is quite small, I want to know the list of all the subscribers.

But, I could only see recent subscribers from the menu of YouTube Studio / Recent Subscribers.

As I mentioned above, I want the entire list.

Is there a way to find out this data?

Thank you.

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anjumshahlla Premium
Good question! And good answers too! There are two options:
One for the youtuber and other for the subscriber. Youtuber can show or keep the subscriber private. If Subscribers like, they can share their identity and we can check who has subscribed. Other wise we can't.
This is the way how I check.
Go to the customize your channel, then channel dashboard then channel analytics. You can see the total number here. Scroll down and see the recent subscriber and press See All. Here you will only see their info if they want to share their identity. Otherwise you do not know who is the Santa :-)

Triblu Premium
Hey Jason,

See screen print below... look at all of the amazing information that Google offers in response to your question. Wow... right?

Hope you find this helpful.
JeffreyBrown Premium
It would be interesting and useful to have that data! I thought I remembered seeing a list on my channel, but I went and took a look and couldn't find it!
Newme202 Premium
Jason, it depends.
I use YouTube, and I have many subscription
But my option is set to private
It is a matter of personal choice
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Creator Studio > Community > Subscribers

Subscribers do have options what to share in public view.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
i also found this link resource for more analysis