How long online business to make me see my goals comes true?

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AparnaBansal Premium
Since you are already a Premium member and are paying for WA, hence, it would make sense to implement the training that you are getting here, fully.
This is in reference to your other question too. It will take time Ernest, but it will build a solid foundation for you to get set online.
Simple answer; it will take over a year to start seeing some profits come in. Your goal is about $1500 a month and that is not a small amount.
EmakAmelia Premium
Hi Ernest,

There are a lot of factors that contribute to one's success in online business.

Everyone has a different learning pace, different niche, different speed in writing and producing content for their site. So, there is no exact timeframe for each individuals when it comes to reach success as an affiliate marketer.

We can make money from our site by putting lots of content that are useful for our readers and in those content we write, we put our affiliate links from merchants within our niche.

We can apply for affiliate programs like ClickBank, ShareASale, Commission Junction, etc. They have many merchants in their site we can choose from.

But, before we apply for any affiliate programs, we want to make sure we have About Me, Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosure pages, and...more importantly a complete website with good amount of quality content (30 and up posts with 1000+ words each).

We want to be seen as an authority first by Google and other search engines in the niche we choose. It can depend on the quality content we have on our website, how our articles help our readers to solve their problems or answer their questions, then is our website easy to navigate and provide good user experience, great SEO practices, etc. Therefore, it takes time.

Remember, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes a lot of time, energy and efforts to build you online business. You have to bring yourself out there first, be trusted by your readers, then you can start offering them your own products or promoting products of other merchants from the affiliate programs I mentioned above.

Maybe this training can give you some insights: All the best,
Hi Ernest,There are no short cuts as in any business. Its a really difficult one to answer, however success factors include

Doing the training and taking action
Find a niche
Build up your content so you earn trust within the search engines.
Keep going...

This takes time but with the training here you are in the best place.

Sorry but its a difficult one to answer but do the basics and do them well would be my advice. Good luck, Phil