Hello everyone, I'm ready to publish my Training Videos, however, The layout of the page won't allow me to put Information I want to discuss before they watch the training video at the top of the page, it's all below. How can I edit this. I did find the edit, but it doesn't show any edit options for this layout? Thanks for your help. Sharon:)

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mijareze Premium
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Anh Premium

I believe you can do so by writing the intro first, then maybe put a <br> tag then paste the embed code for your videos.
Do ask if you need more clarifications, all the best.
Happygirl48 Premium
Hi Anh, Thank You for trying to help. I have to go through the create new training and it's for embedding my video which is complete. I already tried to type an intro before the video, but there is only a title box and it wont' allow me to type any text below it? If you can elaborate on this a little more, I may be able to get it up and running. LOL I'm computer savvy, but I don't see any option to let me paste any tags here either? Thanks, Sharon:)
tommydillard Premium
When you can try adding it to the end of your title because your title is the only thing that will show above your video. The discription is below it. I hope this helps you.
Happygirl48 Premium
Thanks Tommy, but that didn't work. I appreciate your help though. Keep smiling Sharon:)