I have a Facebook fan page with 100K likes. Last month I had 7 Million impressions and over 500K interactions.

I recently acquired some videos from a colleague for me to upload. I know for a fact that these videos have the potential to go viral because they are really funny!

Where/How can I get a contract that legally makes the earnings from these YouTube video mine?

The idea being that I will simply buy these videos from other people, then use my influence to make them viral.

Up until now I have just shared other people videos and not considered actually uploading my own to earn money from them. I was only focused on building the Facebook page with real, organic people.

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ladyluck2013 Premium
Hi skandy85,
I really do not know the answer to your question, as this is beyond my area of expertise. Have you tried asking your question in the Live Chat? Maybe some WA members might know the answer. Glad to hear that you are doing well with your Facebook fan page. Keep up the good work!
KayWinkler Premium
I think, uploading a video to Your own Youtube channel (if You own the rights for the video, id est, if You bought the video with all the necessary publishing rights) makes You the person to earn for the video on Youtube.

Question: Would You do a training here on WA how to grow a fanpage to 100k? Would be very helpful to us.

Have a great day!
skandy85 Premium
When I start making money I will make a training for it, definitely!

Your answer is exactly what I am wondering. :-)

If I upload a video. How do I prove that I paid for it and the owner is ok with "me" making the revenue from YouTube?

There needs to be a contract template of some sort.

I pay them for video. They give it to me, once they prove they are the original owner. I upload. Done.

Is this possible?
DoubleTap Premium
Have you ever bought a PLR? I imagine it could be along the same lines, contract/rights wise!
skandy85 Premium
Yep. I have found some useful videos on YouTube.

Will have to dig a little deeper.
KayWinkler Premium
I am quite sure, that You only have to prove the ownership, if an alleged copyright owner goes to Youtube claiming their rights. So, if an alleged owner tries to do so, and if Youtube asks You about the case, You can prove the purchased ownership through a usual sales contract You made with the former owner.

Without complaint there is no redress.

Hope that helps.