If I create a training video on any given subject that is taught here at WA, and then share it here first, would Google see it as duplicate content if I share the same video on my external WA website?

Would it just be better to make videos exclusively for each one?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Sherefashion Premium
A very good question and pme very answers. Its all about the learning.
stephhill Premium

I actually have done this. I have 65 tutorials here at WA (https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/stephhill/training) and similar tutorials on my WA website (https://legitimateonlineopportunity.com)

I do the following to ensure that Google does not consider it duplicate content:

1, Change the wording on each of the tutorials. For instance, o my WA tutorial, I make lots of references to WA because I am speaking to other WA members and thus I can discuss things that we all know about. However on my WA website, my wording is different because I am not speaking to WA members. My audience is different, so my verbiage is different. They are people who have not joined WA, but I use my tutorial on my website to lure them into joining WA. I say things like "if you want more details and help on this topic, click here" (and I use my WA affiliate link from my WA tutorial).

2. For several years, Google’s stance has been that they try to find the originating source and give that result the top billing, so to speak. After all, Google doesn’t want to serve up masses of identical pages to a searcher because it doesn’t provide a very good user experience if they click on one page, didn’t find what they’re looking for, and then go back and click the next result only to discover the identical page.

So if you first create a WA tutorial and then later do a post/page on your WA Bootcamp site let's say, Google would just give higher billing to your WA tutorial, but in order to view that tutorial, the user would need to join WA and so if they join through your WA tutorial (content that you create here at WA), you will receive the credit and thus, your referral. I believe that is what happens, but don't quote me on this, because I could be wrong. I am only human after all :).

I hope that helps a little and I hope I am accurate in my descriptions and explanations. If I am wrong, feel free to let me know in a professional manner. :)

TomasB Premium Plus
Thanks for your very thorough response Steph, it helped a lot ! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
WilliamBH Premium
Good question Tomas .. I like Graces's thinking "Save all the good stuff for your own site".

Commenting on this is really above my paygrade but I suspect Google does not know what is in a video except for the text associated with it such as the title, description, key words etc. Therefore if you change these element you will not need to worry about "duplicate content".

Cheers, William.
GautamWorld Premium
Bit tricky. Google is fine when we use youtube videos others created.
littlemama Premium Plus
Save all the good stuff for your own site. I think Google can tell by the other stats of the video to figure if they're the same or not. However, I'm unsure.

To be safe, just put important videos on your own site. If you want to do one here, you can always reference the video in WA on your site with an image of the training and link it to your WA training.
TomasB Premium Plus
Thank you Grace, I appreciate your help.Have a great weekend.
littlemama Premium Plus
You're welcome, have a great weekend too! :)