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November 30, 2019
Done, After just 4 weeks in WA I have taken up the offer to become an annual member at $299. I've made the decision based on how much I'm enjoying this journey and even if I don't ever make a $ off my site the learnings are mine forever, so seems a great investment to invest in myself.Here's to the next 12 months of personal growthVictor
November 29, 2019
Well this is my journey! what a three weeks, I have a website, 5 blogs, about me page and lots of media on my site. However for me the best thing has been the training I've learnt so much about something I knew so little about and it keeps coming. Half way though the training and I find myself confident enough to tell people what im doing, much to their surprise given they know I'm not really into all this sort of thing but it does prove that learning something new can be very exciting and insp
November 27, 2019
After 3 weeks I can't believe it but of just finished my 5th post on my site, if I'm really honest I only thought I'd get though 1. It's not my strength at all and I really thought about pulling out when Kyle said in the training that it was going to be key to my success.Now while I'm not saying I now love it, it has become a little easier as I go. So my tip for today have a crack as we say here in Aussie, what have you got to loseWell to all you newbies like me, hope this helps you along your
November 24, 2019
My site has been recognised by Google "YOU LITTLE BEAUTY"