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Just a quick update....I'm done with course 3 :) I'm 5 weeks here at WA and I feel like I have accomplished so much.What's next...? Well, I want to complete course 4 in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS. (I pretty much have 7 free days in the next 2 weeks because I'm going on a road trip, so my goal is to complete the course in actually 7 DAYS)My problem is that, a lot of course 4 is related to social engagement and I'm not good at it. I will need your help. Leave me one recommendation for any of the social ne
I'm going to briefly talk about 3 things (I call them FACTORS) that you need to succeed in life.TIME - MONEY - ENERGY ... If you can possess all these three, then you are awesome!NOW, I don't want to send the wrong message, I believe that family, health, and happiness are the center of our lives. However, the 3 factors can LEAD to a better life with our family which should be one of our goals (especially to parents!)Early in life, in our teens: We have all the energy of the world and all the ti
Hi everyone,If you are new to WA, you have to read this. I'm currently in my 2nd month here at WA and I feel like I'm closer to finding real success in the online business. Of course, it will take time, dedication, commitment, and effort!I want to share this simple strategy to accomplish your goals. The strategy is also used in classrooms for teachers (I learned this in a course that I'm currently taking).The strategy has 3 steps: GET READY - DO - DONE.GET READY - make sure you spend time on th
Hello my friends,I started my WA adventure exactly a month ago and now I end my first month at WA.I have accomplished so much and I only look forward to learning more and getting better.I just want to share with you my achievements during month #1 and my goals during month #2.Achievements:Highest Rank: 14488Posts: 7Network: 182Website: up and runningCourses: Almost done with Level 3.Goals for Month #2:Highest Rank: Top 8,000Post: 15 new ones (22 in total)Network: 200 new ones (382 in total)Webs
Hello everyone,Just a quick blog for everyone out there that may be struggling.. don't forget WE ALL struggle with different things, so you are not alone. KEEP PUSHING!So, I believe in: "life is about DECISIONS and not about CONDITIONS"Yes, even though conditions may somewhat limit certain things in our lives, most of the times these conditions can be overcome by the decisions that we can make. Remembert that we always have the power to decide what our next step will be and in what direction we
Our minds can be tricky at times and don't let us reach our goals.If any of this sounds familiar, then you are letting your mind play you:1) I can't do that because I have no time - meanwhile you waste time on other things2) I tried that but it didn't work - when you KNOW you didn't give your 100%3) I would do it if I had the resources - when you can look for them and find them4) I will do it once I'm done with this other thing - when you know that you are lying to yourself.DON'T LET YOUR MIND
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Hello everyone, as we begin our August 2018, I want to share this thought with you guys:"Every accomplishment started with a "LET ME TRY THIS". No matter how bad things can get, we are one step closer to success than those that don't try.It's a very short blog post but I hope it helps you realize that you took the first step.. Now, success is around the corner! Stay positive, work hard, and never give up!Some people say YOLO and I believe that! However, I take it as a challenge to do better day
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As a new month begins, we want to make sure we have goals so that we can be motivated.I usually set up 3 goals at the personal level and 3 goals at the work level. For my personal level I obviously include my family. The goals for the month could be:1) going to a new place2) having 3 movie nights with the family3) getting a tattoo (for those that LOVE tattoos)Now, the reason why I'm writing this is that I want to set up 3 goals, reachable goals, that I can look forward to accomplishing. No matt
Hi everyone,Talking to some friends yesterday, this phrase came up in the conversation and it's stuck in my thoughts now. And I just felt like sharing this with you guys.This powerful phrase simply means that since we have the power to choose what to do, NOBODY can tell us what to do. Whether we are right or wrong, whether we care about the consequences or not (everything has a consequence), we decide what to do.How can this apply to us? Well, you have the free will to make it happen or leave e
July 29, 2018
Moving on to PHASE #3Just a quick post on my latest accomplishment.With so much to do here at home, I can say that I'm proud of myself for getting through the first 2 phases. The road ahead is not going to get any easier but I'm READY for it!Success..... Here I Come!Leave comments and suggestions. I will appreciate your expertise and support.
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