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In this quick post, I'm going to go over what I consider the 4 TYPES of jobs that exist. I will list them from the worst to the best one :)#4: A job you HATE, and DOESN'T pay well.This is a typical starting job for most people. My #4 job was Taco Bell. I just hated everything about it. I only lasted 3 weeks.#3 A job you HATE but PAYS you well.This is a job that we usually do because we need the money but "it's not really our thing". My #3 job was at a mechanic auto repair shop. I worked at the
So, my boys team (with three girls) had a soccer game vs. the #1 team in our division. We play in the lowest U14 division in my area because we are a brand new team. However, my player can do much better than Division 5. I think.....I was so pumped up but my kids were "dead". No energy and I tried my best to get them motivated. NOTHING seemed to work.Second before the game, they were fooling around and I said: "I have a feeling that we are going to be losing by halftime because you guys are not
Hi WA members,I just wanted to share with you guys that I'm BACK and ready to invest my time to make it work!A few weeks ago, I decided to leave WA because I wasn't going to have enough time to make it work, to be active, to build my website, and work on this project. I had my priorities and plans in mind and WA wasn't fitting there, NOT because it is not worthy, but instead because I need to be financially productive now. I UNDERSTAND how this business works and that it will take time but I ha
Hello my friends,Just a quick blog post to keep you moving forward!The word IMPOSSIBLE should be read IM POSSIBLE. That's what you are! You are capable of accomplishing your goals.Don't let the obstacles take you down before you give your best because remember:"Obstacles are temporary but giving up lasts forever!"You are given obstacles that you can overcome. Nothing will be easy AND everything will be worth your sacrifice and effort.Stay positive. Read my other blog posts and leave me any comm
This quick post is for young members here at WA, and those that may fall into the description that I'm about to give.If you have no major responsibilities (expensive bills and/or kids), then you must take advantage of the MOST POWERFUL TOOL... TIME!! If you have time to give your 100%, then you are 10 steps ahead of the game... YES 10 STEPS!!!No matter how many ideas you have, if you have time, then you are very limited.However, if you have the time on your hands, then ideas will come up and yo
So I'm back from a 3-day vacation at Pennsylvania. Amazing time with the family! and even though I still have one week off, I'm so recharged and ready to work!!What's coming up?I will start my teaching job (bilingual math - middle school), coaching (boys' soccer team - middle school), and coaching a travel boys' soccer team. PLUS, WA, my website and all social networks!I will be very busy but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make the income that will lead to having more time for my family
It's not a surprise that we live in a society where most of us are using our phone a little too much, here and there. Remember, the time that you are dedicating to your phone, you are not dedicating to the surrounding people; and most of the time your phone CAN WAIT!As you know, I'm on a quick vacation in Pennsylvania and I met a very important person that run businesses in Massachusetts and, in a very quick conversation, I may have built a very important connection.Guess what? If I had been in
Make sure that in the way of making a good living, you are living good!I just took the first break/vacation of this year. I live in New York and I came Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. A quick 3-day vacation away from my daily routine. And my brain needs this. Since the beginning of this 2018 year, I have worked as a full time middle school teacher, I have been in charged of two after-school programs, I have coached a soccer team, I have work as a math tutor in a college around my area, I have t
What are values? What are rules? Without reading this post, give me your opinion in a few words :) No peeking!!So, after taking a class on Discipline with Dignity, I have refreshed my views on what Rules and Values are. Before I continue, this is not only for teachers, it's also for parents and everyone in general because knowledge is always GOOD!!I will give you my definition of these two concepts that are connected, especially in a classroom.A rule is an action that we must follow. A value is
Well,As many of you know, I'm a teacher here in Long Island, New York and today (August 20) was the last day of summer school. I had a great experience, first time teaching summer school at the high school level and I close this quick adventure in my life with a smile but not 100% satisfied.I met great kids, 15 to be precise. Unfortunately, 3 dropped out of summer school and it hurt me because they were "seniors or super-seniors" and won't be able to attend graduation in two days. I wish them t