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Hello my friends,In this quick post, I just want to share with you guys that I will be adding the best teammate that I have found in this world: My beautiful wife! A partner of almost 10 years and many more to come.Having a full-time job as a middle school teacher and coaching two teams on the side, staying as active as I wish on WA is sometimes a challenge (It's 2:45am right now - I had a long day and I have to teach today in about 5 hours - I'm going back to bed right now lol). That's why I c
"My dog behaves better than your kid"... said a bumper sticker of a the car in front of me this morning. Is that funny? Am I overracting?I personally didn't feel offended by that sticker because, obviously, it is not intentionally there for me personally, it is there for whoever reads it.HOWEVER, I think is malicious because it insults someone's kid.I see as a proof of how bad our society is getting. To take the time to look for it, order it, buy it, clean your bumper, and stick it to your car
I just felt like writing something quick for new members here at WA. I'm sure that you came here with goals and dreams. Know that the road ahead will be tough but you will never be alone. I will share 3 basic tips that I hope you find helpful!1) Do a bit every day. If you really want this to work, get some work done on a daily basis. However, don't stress about getting a lot done on the same day. That pressure can lead to discouragement.2) Stay positive and motivated. The last thing you want to
My friends,I got two emails yesterday about two posts on my website that got indexed !!!!!!!So exciting news. No income yet but my time spent on my website is giving minor results.Even though I'm not moving up in my ranking here at WA, my posts are getting indexed so that's awesome.So guess what? My goal for this weekend is 2 posts. LIKE IF YOU WANT TO JOIN ME!!DON'T GIVE ME AN EXCUSE (Unless you are getting married tomorrow and honeymoon on Sunday)... Other than that, GET YOUR 2 NEW POSTS UP O
Hello Everyone,Just a quick post on how to react to a bad day or when the plans don't go as we wish.BE CONSTRUCTIVE... NEVER DESTRUCTIVE!At every situation, you can choose one of the two and most likely our first reaction may lead to complain and negative about "why something didn't work for me?"However, you can learn for mistakes, learn from a loss, learn from a failure.In fact, we can learn more when something doesn't go as planned.Leave your best quote to stay positive.... Again, BE CONSTRU
A quick post about town club... We lost 4-0 and pretty much we will not be able to win our division. It hit me hard yesterday because I had confidence on the team. The kids have the talent but they get nervous during the game.Just for the record, this is not the same team I talked about in my last post. I coach two teams: boys middle school soccer and a town club (boys + 3 girls).SO, as a coach I failed to get the message to my players. Then I realized that I'm not the one playing so I can't ta
Hi everyone,Just to share with that my season is going well. On Friday, we won 6-1 and we are now 2-0 for the season. We a VERY IMPORTANT game tomorrow. We will catch up.What I need help with is some encouragement!!!!I went to play soccer last night and I was totally UNABLE to run for more than 10 minutes.As a coach and former soccer player, I got so depressed last night and frustrated. I know I can get back in shape, not the same way I used to be obviously but I know I have what it takes to ke
This quick post is about my school boy soccer team.We started this season with a W. A tough match that went into overtime ended up with a victory of 5-3. My boys played hard and the intensity was great!Things to work on but overall I'm happy with the way they finished the game.NEXT GAME: tomorrow :)Let's see how it goes!NOTE: There was an issue with the girls' soccer team. One kid (we don't know who) said "you suck, you can't even kick the ball" while the girls' were playing their first goal.
I just wanted to share with you guys that today, September 26, 2018, my parents are celebrating their 33rd anniversary of being together. They started their journey back in 1985 and today we had dinner as a family.Even though I have good and bad memories, I prefer to focus on our present and how I see my parents today. All couples have their ups and downs and my parents are proof of that. I wish them many more years full of happiness and health.I would like to congratulate all the couples her
This quick post is for NEW members to Wealthy Affiliate (potential premium members) and for those that may need a reminder of WHY we came to Wealthy Affiliate long time ago or just this morning, or why we should choose Wealthy Affiliate.WE CAME TO SUCCEED... So, don't let anything get in your way.DO THIS IMMEDIATELY: Identify the TOP 2 things that are SO unproductive. And then, don't ignore the fact that you literally WASTE your time on those UNPRODUCTIVE things.You either control it (waste les