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November 01, 2018
I must say: Single parents can't be normal... They have super powers!How can it be possible to do it all by yourself and succeed?I recently experienced FOR TWO DAYS what single parents do on a daily basis. My son was a bit sick and my daughter had cheerleading classes and my busy schedule got busier.So Friday: I work at school 8am-2:30pm then trained my school team 2:45pm-5:00pm, then trained my travel team 5:20pm-6:50pm (it gets dark before 7pm). Then I got home at around 7:10pm and watched my
Hello my friends, I can't believe my 50th post here at WA. It's just insane! (My English teacher would not believe this!!)In this short post I want to thank you guys for being so supportive and for keeping me moving in the right direction. I'm sure that I wouldn't have reached this mark without your help!Among these posts...I shared my ups and downs in life. My emotions and beliefs. My progress here at WA.Most importantly, I tried my best to express my encouragement and motivation for those tha
Extremely quick post but I had to say this: I just created my first training video and THE FEELING is just AMAZING!The fact that WA is letting me create some videos showing a bit of my knowledge about WA is just out of this world.The training is about "interpreting the network number" (right below your profile picture). I also go over how to follow back the people that are following you (... because it's always nice to support those that support you!)A simple video but so meaningful at the same
As usual, a little message to motivate my WA friends.In the process of building our business and achieve the financial independence and stability that we want for our family, we need to face it: We WANT freedom!Freedom from that routine at work that is keeping away from our family.You may wonder, but don't we have to be on top of our website and spend hours in front of our computer to build substantial passive income? YES, however, there are "limits" in our regular jobs. Online businesses don't
Hello WA friends, what's the real motivation that keeps us moving? I have no doubts that it has to do with the goals that we accomplished on a daily,weekly, or monthly basis.I want to keep it short: LONG-TERM PLANS & SHORT-TERM GOALSYou must a plan about where you want to get in 6 months - 12 months. (hopefully you bought your yearly membership which means, LESS than $1 a day!)You must ALSO have short term goals so that you can feel like you are accomplishing something. Here are some ideas:
Hello my WA friends, this post will be short but I'm sure you can relate to it somehow.Yesterday, October 26, 2018, My wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary (not wedding anniversary though). I asked her to be my girlfriend on October 26, 2008, and she said Yes :)Since then, we have had our ups and downs like every couple and we have been able to get through the obstacles that we had to face. Life is not easy but when you have your soulmate by your side, things get "less complicated".So, 10
Hello my friend, I would like to share with you my views on jobs, careers, and WA. I have always shared with teenagers (at school and at the youth group that I frequently attend) the difference between a job and a career/profession, and now I'm here sharing it with YOU!I would like to keep it simple because most of you will get it right away, and most likely already have an idea of where I'm going with this.A JOB: I would say this is "what we need to do in order to pay the bills". Period. There
I can't believe that my post was not just in TODAY'S TOP 10 POSTS, but I was #1 !!! HOW CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE? Well, I know -- Thanks to you guys! Your support is the reason why I feel like I'm accomplishing so much here at WA.This actually happened last night but I didn't want to get attention from my "TOP 200" post, which now is #3 in the today's top 10 posts with 100 likes. I'm speechless!!!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
My WA friends, I'm beyond excitement and this feeling is simply unbelievable!!!!!Yesterday I was ranked 203 and I acted like "it was all cool".This morning, once I got to work, I checked my WA account... and the first thing that I see was:Rank 190 ... I C A N ' T B E L I E V E I T !!!Back in July, I was ready to quit and now I get to see myself in the TOP 200!I have nothing else to say because I'm soooooo happy! This is just my first step to succeed here at WA. I see top people as my i
Is anyone out there feeling the same way I am? Please let me know!Since I started ranking up here at WA and believing more and more in WA, I have been looking at the "cons" of my current career. As a teacher, I love my kids, teaching, and my subject...HOWEVER... and it's a HUGE HOWEVER,....I have been feeling like I can't wait for WA to become a solid source of income. I know that it will take time but I just can't anymore! I don't want to get this into my mind though. Technically, I have 27 ye