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Last Update: Jun 26, 2018

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When I joined WA 2 weeks ago today, I knew very little about SEO, Plugins, Wordpress and all the other things I am learning about. I built a website a couple of years ago with WIX thinking I had done an amazing job and that my Coaching business would fly. Duh!!! All that happened was my site went out into cyber world and disappeared along with 1000s more as I had no idea about how to actually market my website.

WA- WOW!!!!!!! Yesterday I decided to google to see what page my site is on and went on a search through the pages and YES!!!!! I found my site on PAGE 5

I am still in wonder of this and so excited.

WA teaches us about everything an I feel truly blessed to be a part of this amazing place.

Step by step, writing content eveyday and doing all the technical stuff is working

Thank you to everyone, espcially Kyle and Carson. You guys rock

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Nice blog post Vicki. I too have had a and experience with Wix.

Lovely blog, I am going to feature you in my next post on my website:)

Great news, happy for you and how much you learning.

That is great news I am so very happy for you that I am doing a happy dance right with you. Best wishes on your journey with WA.

Thank you Mar, Happy dances are fun
Best wishes to you also :)

You are so very welcome and yes the Happy Dances are very fun
Best wishes to you too :):)

that great news about your experience with WA. Glad to hear your learning and seeing the difference WA makes. Wishing all the best in your future with WA.

Thank you Wingman

Your welcome

Good job Vicki!

Thank you Howard

So happy for you Vicki!
Keep it up!
Practise makes perfect, surely you'll soon be rancked to the top!

Boaz Ethan

Thank you so much

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