9 Years with WA

Last Update: November 10, 2016

9 years… Yes, that’s how long I’ve been a member of this great community.

My driving force 9 years ago, is the same driving force I have today…

My kids

Back then it was just my son, now we have a daughter as well.

The kids have been very “involved” in my business. They sat on my lap, the little one still does on occasion, and “helped” with keyword research, website design, content creation… you name it.

They are literally growing up along side my business, with WA being one of the corner stones. Wealthy Affiliate is just as familiar to my kids as YouTube or SpongeBob :).

One of the greatest gifts I can give my kids is to show them that following your heart and dreams is worth it.

What I wanted was a flexible business that allowed me to stay home with my kids. Something that challenged me and made me an income, but on my own terms. I wanted freedom for me and my family, can you relate?

My kids are still pretty young but one thing they DO know, is that I’ve been to every Christmas party, Halloween party, Valentines day party, End of the year party… Spend every summer and holiday break with them… I’ve been there when they are sick… the list goes on.

I don’t have to choose between work and my kids, I do manage both on my own terms.

For that I will forever be thankful!

(A side note: if you work full time out of the house and enjoy that’s, great I totally respect that. I’m just sharing what I’m thankful for and what has worked for my family.)

Has it always been great? Has the money kept climbing daily from day one without set backs? Has there been no issues?


Some days are though!

Starting out this year, I was super excited for a new year and new possibilities, but that quickly changed. I had one of my hosting accounts, where I hosted numerous websites, hacked and it was a loooong process before it was all resolved. Not to mention all the money I lost, thousands of dollars.

Did the thought of quitting and throwing in the towel occur to me?

It sure did.

The easy way would have been to close it all down. Go find another “job” and just be happy with the side income my other sites were making…

BUT, what kind of message would that send to my kids?

When it gets tough you give up…

Not an option!

So I brushed off, decided to let go of some of the sites, decided to save the money makers, I got the help I needed to fix the problems (cause I’m definitely not a techie) and got it done!

I’m so glad I did, those sites are now doing better than ever!

So don’t think there will not be issues, there will be. It’s how you deal with those issues that will determine your outcome.

It has not only been struggles though this year, luckily, there has been some growth and improvement as well.

Last year I started an Amazon case study site. To be honest I stayed away from Amazon for the longest time, due to the low commissions. But, it still made me curious, so I decided to give it a shot.

Just to give you a little background. The site is in the health niche, it’s based on mainly outsourced content, organic listings and only monetized with Amazon.

If you are just starting out, I want you to take a look at this chart. This is the real monthly results, income – expenses, of this case study site. It is a growth process. It takes time to rank organically. It takes time to get traffic. It takes time to make money.

BUT, if you stick with it, it can truly be worth it. I’m glad I didn’t throw in the towel month 7… and I'm glad I gave Amazon a try!

Have others seen quicker results? I’m sure. This was kind of slow since it’s based on outsourced content and organic listings, but I’m ok with that. I’m super excited to see the growth for November and December with the holiday shopping around the corner.

I have 3 reasons to why I wanted to share that chart with you:

  • 1.Follow the training and implement what is taught here at WA, it works.
  • 2.Consistency and patience pays off.
  • 3.Stick with it long term.

I want to leave you with a couple of questions, if you are struggling with your website, answering these will help you clarify things.

  • What’s the purpose of your site?
  • What’s the main goal for your site?
  • What can you do on a daily/weekly basis to get there?

Creating your dream, your lifestyle is very possible, keep learning and growing. We all make mistakes, learn from them and move on and maybe most importantly believe in yourself!

So thank you kids (and husband:) for keeping me motivated!

Thank you Kyle and Carson for all the hard work you put in to making this community outstanding. Thank YOU all for making WA what it really is, a great community that I plan on sticking around, for another 9 years.

Have a productive day!


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VeronicasLuv Premium
WHOA!!! It's so encouraging to know that someone has been a part of this community for 9 years!!! Today marks my 9th week here, and I have felt frustrated countless times, because I've gotten stuck.....clawed my way out.....then got stuck again! But, I do not deviate from the lessons or the tasks, I couldn't even function without them! I have a notebook, where I write down key points to all the lessons, and certain posts; I know I can "star" them, but I like writing stuff down. I'm sharing this, to let you know that those 3 questions you posed, I just wrote in my book; being able to fully answer them will allow me to move ahead with confidence.

This post has really uplifted my spirits and renewed my desire to press forward! Thank you Veronica!!!
veronica.l Premium
Congratulations to 9 weeks!

Glad you liked the post and found the questions helpful!
Easy-Moneys Premium
Keep on clawing your way out!!!!!

Love the visual...I can just see the cartoon WA Poster!!!!
Westwaters Premium
Hi Veronica, Want to congratulate you on your perseverence throughout 9 yeas of not always positive results. I've been here for 10 months and so many times tell myself "I have no Idea what the hell I'm Doing!" some days everything goes as expected, but more days than not i"ve screwed up and have to walk away (since I'm not really a patient person). Reading through your post today has given me inspiration to"carry on!" Thanks for sharing and continued success on this wonderful site...
Warm Regards,
Kathy (Westwaters)
veronica.l Premium
Hi Kathy, oh I know the feeling, I've had to take a walk numerous times over the years :). I think in the beginning I was afraid to making mistakes... but do you know what, it can all get fixed one way or another. Usually things happen for a reason.

Thank you, I wish you too continued success
hpillie2 Premium
Veronica, thank you very much for your revelation, it's a great testimony. As a new member of WA I have learned a lot from your experience. It has given me encouragement and I will go forward from now on and shall never look back again.

Thank you so much.

veronica.l Premium
Hi Henry ,

WA truly has everything you need to set up a website successfully, learn how to get traffic and monetize.,,

Keep at it and don't be afraid to ask for help and feedback,
ashkh Premium
Wow, Vicky, happy WA birthday! I'm only one month old but we have similar reasons for joining WA, in the sense that both of us want a flexible lifestyle that allows us to spend precious time with loved ones. So you're an inspiration to me!

I know I'm going to sound a little stupid... But what exactly is a case study Amazon site? I mean, I know case study but can't connect it up with Amazon?
veronica.l Premium
Not stupid at all, it's a case study that I share monthly on my site, based on an Amazon affiliate site. So it's only monetized with Amazon products. I share what works and what doesn't, traffic, income and other data... Does that explain it a little better?
ashkh Premium
Ah.... ok, i get it! So it's like a review, but a more in-depth one of Amazon affiliate sites! (Hope I got that right.) Thanks, Vicky!
scottyb2good Premium Plus
Vicky ! Hi ! Scotty B here ♫
I'v been here 4 years and my profits are some to moderate with my DJ site. More calls are coming in. I could work on it more and rank on 1st page Google even more with more keywords.
But I'm on to BootCamp that will catapult me into other sites sitting there I bought thru Godaddy. MAin one now is the W.A. one howtoomakemoneyonline.com . Others are selling audio/video equipment possibly thru Amazon and others. I am STILL not making much but I keep on learning and attending Jays Wabinars. Hey ! Remember the days with Jespinola (Jorge), Bis (Beverley), Rich, Findingemo Patty, Stadium (Jeff), Mama and Meredith pops in a little ? I miss them although Rich is Back ! Calls himself Rich Snafu I think. I miss everyone. Chat is temporary though. A learning tool for new friends and information. Drop me a P.M. anytime ! ........Scotty B ♫
veronica.l Premium
HI Scotty!

I do remember those "back in the day" chats, lol. Not sure we got too much business done but we had fun! I do keep in touch occasionally with Jorge and some of the others... Ahh so Richie Rich is lurking lol.