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July 21, 2017
Hi friendsHere is a good occasion to boost your imagination and also dig a little into men and women psychology.It pays if you understand differences in behavior of men and women when you deal with your readers and customers.So, you see a man and two women . It's interesting to observe their reactions.The women are shocked and maybe even scared. The man keeps calm, then he grins.What do they see? Why are their reactions so different? Can you come up with your suggestions?
July 20, 2017
Another week is about to finish soon. How about your motivation, friends?All of us from time to time need some ass-kicking to forget about laziness and make a further step towards the dream. It's not too difficult. All is takes is to find the right incentive.Your posture will improve in record time if you do planks in this manner:Sometimes you don't need to look for motivation.It itself finds you.Put these two together in your kitchen. It might reduce your night bites.The most motivating
July 14, 2017
Pause before saying "yes".Pause before saying "no". Pause before giving up.Pause before making important decisions.Pause before getting involved in anything.Pause before getting married. Pause before breaking up.But more than anything else, pause before letting your emotions loose at the time of anger, wrath, insecurity.Pause before judging somebody's work.Pause before starting a petty rant.Pause before breaking furniture and especially, mirrors. You can hurt yourself.Pause before judging peo
July 13, 2017
I guess no one denies that psychology is science, and studying psychological laws we can understand a lot of things about ourselves, others , the world around. Not going deeply, here are some things which we can implement right now. They will make our life a bit easier and happier. And in life it 's all about happiness, right?That's very true.Listen to your favourite songs, sing along...That's 100% true! Men who make our stomach ache because of laughter are the best type of men...Yeah... I a
July 11, 2017
How come some people are natural doers and some aren't? Some people do things quickly and easily, some observe, dream and procrastinate?Look at this wonderful illustration. The difference is clear even at this early age. We can't explain this by the difference of background, harmful mental programs, different life style or different start conditions. What is that?
July 10, 2017
English is very difficult because of its highly idiomatic nature , because of the great number of phrasal verbs, set expressions.It takes a lot of time and effort memorising vocabulary. But the real disaster is English homophones . They make understanding English speech very difficult. And they also cause serious problems reading. And yet another big problem is that the rules of reading do not seem to exist in English. Just look at this verse.A cool phonetic joke.Why? Who decides so?That's En
July 10, 2017
July 09, 2017
Late Sunday Fun, friends, for those who need to be positively charged for the evening , or maybe for the next week...There are many "oops" situations in our life. People say, 'It's better "Oops" than "What ifs". Let's see if it's always true.Here's quite a positive "oops"!This could be quite handy for some situations.Like this, for example.That's all. Even if we had a couple of "oops" today, never mind. Tomorrow is another day.Let's fill it with a lot of positive moments.
July 08, 2017
Hope this short post will serve us as an encouragement because we often meet people who are not very nice to us.They can be anywhere.At work, in our neighbourhood, in a social network, in a community, even in our family.And secondly, it will serve as an explanation why these people behave this way.This should take off half of the hurt because the moment you will be reading this it will just click, and you will understand, and make an attempt to let it go.If you are still hurt, I understa
July 08, 2017
Karma vs professionalism, being mature while using Facebook, doing little things for others, being silly with friends. Our minion friends do not only give us a lot of "haha" moments, but also teach us some poignant truths and beautiful life ethics.Anyway, it's weekend . Relax and have fun: