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May 03, 2015
The true secret to success in any area of life is goal setting. Even though setting a goal may be simple, achieving that goal is usually another question altogether.Why is that?Because you will only achieve your goals if you: a. Know exactly what you want b. Are passionate about your goalc. Have a solid, realistic plan of action. This is what differentiates between nebulous dreams and wishes and truly achievable goals!When you’re going after a goal many obstacles and challenges will fly right
March 16, 2015
My progress since joining WA on February 4, 2015 has been very encouraging. I created a website I created and published 9 pages of quality content, with appropriate images and wrote 9 blogs. Comments left on my site are all positive and most encouraging, they total 52 altogether. I have replied to all comments left. I have 104 followers from within WA and I am also encouraged by the generosity of my community. My greatest success so far is creating and buildin
March 09, 2015
I joined WA on February 4, 2015, as a complete newbie to building a website and internet marketing. I had no idea where this choice would lead me, nonetheless I took the plunge determined to succeed in my undertaking. As I began working through the training it was evident that I found a good place to learn and to implement what I learned with the help of my WA community. I felt confident in my ability to succeed here. So far I have built my website and have recorded
February 06, 2015
Everyday I pray the Serenity Prayer: “God give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” With maturity and life’s experience, I came to realize that acceptance is an important part of happiness. It really defines you, your life and your surroundings so if you want to be happy, you learn to accept the things you cannot change. No matter what, life will go on, people will do what they do, everyth
February 05, 2015
I upgraded to premium membership today and look forward to learning and working with all WA members. Please remember that seniors do have memory lapses so your patience is requested. I do however, have a wealth of experience from the school of hard knocks and will be delighted to share going forward.