Questions by VEhret 9

How many affiliate links should I have on a post page?
Is there a ratio per number of words that should guide us as fas as number…
3 months ago 15 Replies
How many categories with affiliate links should there be?
Currently I have 3 different posts or categories with affiliate links…
4 months ago 3 Replies
Can I feature competing affiliate programs in the same post?
Hi,In a product review, would that make sense to feature products that…
5 months ago 12 Replies
Do I need a plugin to add a button to a page or post?
There is no "add button" in my wordpress editor.I tried to insert a button…
5 months ago 13 Replies
Why pictures formatted in wordpress won't post well?
I tried to edit in Wordpress the size in pixels of certain pictures which…
7 months ago 4 Replies
Is there a problem with uploading plugins into worpress?
For the last couple of days I have not been able to add any new plugin…
8 months ago 3 Replies
How do I add my site to google search console?
There are several blogs and trainings on that at WA, but they all seem…
9 months ago 9 Replies
Filling out seo title description keywords in wordpress?
How should I fill out the fields for Title, Description and Keywords in…
9 months ago 5 Replies
Changing tagline from sitecontent editor?
When I Google search my website, the quick drop down list appearing in…
1 year ago 3 Replies