Affiliate Marketing, Authenticity and Integrity

Last Update: April 23, 2015

I was reading a recent post related to the above topic and one of the salient points made by the author, was the fact that some people think that affiliate marketing is a scam simply because they most likely have been duped by the messages of some affiliate marketers.

Sometimes some marketers go to great lengths to make a quick buck at the expense of someone else and doing that certainly takes away from the authenticity and integrity related to this activity. You know the get rich quick schemers, and the ones who fake it until they make it, by taking their pictures in front of someone else’s home or sports car...

However, when an individual represents himself/herself and their business that way, what does that say about that person? I think it certainly shows what’s important to that individual and where their focus is.

So I am curious. Given the experience you have had here at WA, if you had to do a job description for an affiliate marketer, what would you list as the requirements?

I would love to hear about your experience and what you think.

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Rupert4U Premium Plus
Hello Vanessa, I should post this saying on my wall, "Integrity is doing the right thing. Even when no one is watching by C.S. Lewis."
I have made mistakes that I am not proud of. This post is a reminder for me, and an opportunity to reflect.
Great post.
SowAndReap Premium
Hey Vanessa,

Willing to be open about yourself, being able to grow, wiling to help others, and doing things out of you comfort zone.

I'm still trying to do that, but those are the requirements I've experienced so far. :)
VanessaN Premium
Thanks for the response Evelyn. I think once you're willing to help others, you'd definitely do the right thing by them.