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O.K. then, I have read some posts today that have made me realize, I am nothing but a scaredy cat, so I am asking if people in the WA community would help me out and take a look at my website and tell me what you think.If you think that it is messy or rubbish please tell me. I would rather you told me than I put it out there and found out through losing customers in droves.Thank you
August 10, 2016
While browsing Guru and a couple more of the Freelance Writer Sites today I came across a couple of jobs that made me think hmmm, but it is the kind of writing that I have no experience at. So a little more digging and then I came across this site and thought that it may help people who are new to writing, give them a little more confidence and if it can make the website look better, through the content is king thing, then why ever not. you feel that you can never be a w
Hi there,Does anybody know if I will at any point have to start paying google, or anybody else for that matter, for traffic coming to my websites? My husband asked me that question this afternoon, as we are very short of money at the moment and as I do not know for certain, I thought I would put the question out there.Yes, he is a worrier and is a great one for saying, "How do you know it will work, I have never heard of this before, you can't make a business like this" and other such things.Y
When I used to write articles, a lot of the content mills wanted information only, no personality whatsoever. I am thinking that maybe this still holds true, maybe our readers only want information, can somebody please answer me about this as I am going to have to rewrite an awful lot of content if so. Still it is my own fault for going at the writing too much.Steph
Hiya people, Teacher has been keeping me in the classroom until I have done all of my training and can repeat it all back to him like the nine times tables, can anyone remember standing up in class and having to do that?I have become a self control freak, I am making myself go through the training slowly, and repeating it until I have got the confidence to feel I know what it is I have been trying to get my head round for the past couple of hours/days.Yes, I know I can ask questions, but trying
June 08, 2016
One of the spices that I have been finding out about within the last year, which I started to take some time ago and which may be helpful for some of the people in the WA community is what I am going to be writing about today. Yes, it is ginger root, a very natural foodstuff given to us by mother nature to help us make ourselves feel better.I love this particular spice because it stops me from going to the doctors or chemist for drugs that more often than not give me even worse side effects tha
I was in a real pig of a mood, I couldn't find any decent photos of women working in an office and looking miserable, they all looked so happy, certainly not what I was looking for.It was six thirty and my two dogs started their, it's time for our evening walk dance, which basically consists o them running around my chair, nudging me as much as possible and barking at each other, how could I be angry with them, but I was. I shouted at them to "lie down and wait a minute" to be met with such r
Silly me, thought I would get to work a little earlier this Sunday, uneventful few hours cleaning the pub, then home and google the benefits of fenugreek seeds for your health for another post for the website.Sometimes I think my angels, God, the Universe or whoever it is has got a strange sense of humor or was it just a case of the best-laid plans of mice and men often goes awry.Firstly, I am walking around the local dog walking field on my way to work, I see an elderly gentleman I know throug
May 12, 2016
No, not bad smelly, good smelly, as in nicely scented. With essential oils, essential oils are wonderful, I have got to say that I love nature, I would always prefer to use something natural on my body rather than synthetic stuff, full of who knows what, I can't pronounce a lot of the words on these ingredients lists now.If you come in from work feeling frazzled but you have got to go out with your partner or friends, rub in some Lavender essential oil, 3 drops mixed with 3 drops of geranium a
May 11, 2016
Yes, this is what my son tells his sister, but do you know what, I just don't care, I enjoy my drink of water in the morning with 1/2 a tsp of bicarbonate of soda added in with half a lemon squeezed into it. It makes me feel better, mood wise, and it is improving my health hugely. Mood wise in the morning, until I have had my weird water, as it is called in my house, and my shower, I am very like Muttley out of the Wacky Races, more than a little grumpy.I am not the one in the house with all th