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When I was young I wanted to become a stuntman, or a rock star. As I graduated from high school and got a certification in computer electronics, but found out I hated that as anything but a hobby. I had a real love for the building trades so I became a licensed remodeling contractor in the state of California.
Through the years I played music in a few rock and blues bands. I've written piles of lyrics, poem, short stories and one science fiction novel, which I just managed to get published after twenty-nine years.
At 58 years old, I've been disabled for the last five years,due to the customary abuses to my body that comes from construction work. I thought I would look into internet marketing as a way to get off disabled list. I'm pretty sure I can make this computer do what I want. Might as well make a living.
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producechick Premium
Thanks for the follow! I have a husband who has left construction and is studying computer networking.. .. so I know how hard it is on the body as you get older and you're in that line of business. Good luck here at WA, it will work out for you!!
Hudson Premium
Hi there, thanks for the follow and if I can help at any time just let me know,
Light Premium
My dad's almost 61. Welcome to WA.
Kyle Premium
Good day and welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate community! The first thing I suggest you do is jump into a live chat and introduce yourself. You will find this on the main Dashboard within WA. Here you will find other members within the community (including myself) that you will be able to communicate with, network with and get help with. :)

Lots of help here and a lot of people that care about your personal success. If you get stuck, simply ask! I look forward to working with you!
Valplayer Premium
This is looking good so far, on day two. I'm working on this in the evenings, and that's the way it'll be for the foreseeable future. If an old builder can learn it, I'll make it work. I plan on using up the entire 10 days before I hit the "Premium Membership" button. Thanks for the opportunity.
Kyle Premium
Most definitely, you will get the hang of this I am sure of it! You have an interesting background I think this knowledge set is actually going to help you along with all of the experiences and stories that you can tell through your content.

If you need any assistance along your journey here, just let me know.