Another Wonderful Check from Amazon

Last Update: June 14, 2017

In yesterday's mail I was happy to receive my second cheque from Amazon.

It's quite exciting receiving payment from Amazon, not only for the financial reward but for the experience of handling a piece of paper signed and sealed to the value of a certain number of dollars!

Amazon, in spite of all its fantastic products for sale and its technology still has a touch of 'the good old days'. Amazon gives hope that living styles will not become totally unrecognizable within the next 20 years.

Currently in New Zealand there is a TV program running for 5 nights. Tonight being the final of the series of this program by the title of 'What Next'. The program tells us that within the next 20 years our jobs will be taken over by robots. Also, farming will not be of lambs etc, but rather it will be crickets. Imagine crickets for dinner!

I have always been prepared to move with the times. Had I not moved with the times I would not have been employed for 27 years in school administration. However, eating crickets and a robot taking over my websites is too much to digest!

So, that's enough of that... for now!

Moving on, and sharing my experience to help assure new Amazon Associates that, although patience is needed, being an affiliate of Amazon is definitely worthwhile.

In September of last year I received my first cheque from Amazon. It took 16 months to get commissions to a total of $102.65 US

This latest cheque is for 9 month's commission to a total of $132.61 US.

I am aiming for the next check to be within a maximum of 5 months.

Due to the low cost Amazon products promoted on my website the commissions I receive are mostly small.

However, today when viewing this month's commissions, some have been for sales of products totally unrelated to my website, and of great value.

So, to my way of thinking, it is proof that being an Amazon Associate is very worthwhile.

And, what's more, I love US Dollars as they grow tremendously when I deposit them into my NZ Bank Account!

Keep focused on your Amazon Associate's account as the more your website matures, the greater your commissions will be.

Enjoy Your Wonderful Life. It is precious!

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accad Premium
Congratulations again.
ValerieJoy Premium
Thank you very much Jimmy. I appreciate your comment :)
pablocortina Premium
Congratulations. Good work
ValerieJoy Premium
Thanks very much Pablo. I greatly appreciate your comment :)
RichBrennan Premium
Well done, Valerie - there'll be many more and they'll get bigger over time. This is proof that the system works if we do :-)
ValerieJoy Premium
Thanks so much Rich. I greatly appreciate your comment. :)
JPadron1 Premium
Congratulations Valerie! Great job! This gives many folks that are watching hope to build their online businesses. It certainly give me hope to keep working towards my goals. This stuff works and you're living proof. Cheers! Jose
ValerieJoy Premium
Thank you very much Jose for your great response. It really does give me much pleasure to help other members, and I'm pleased you've gained something from this. Keep working at it, and the rewards will come :)
AnthonyMLM Premium
That's Awesome , Valerie, I know it feels good and excited
ValerieJoy Premium
Thanks so much Anthony. It sure exciting :)