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July 25, 2020
Hi everyone, I want to share my progress within the wealthy affiliate training.When I start at level 1 training I find that the training is easy for me and I can do it, and I don't feel like I'm tired, but when I started the level 2 training I also started to feel the difficulty of training, specially when creating content because I don't have idea that I am going to create that. I admit that I am discouraged when I found out that I am going to create that content habitually.But I think of what
When i first encounter the wealthy affiliate, i'm so interested and i know that this is true and good community, when i started the training i see that it's really work and i feel that i want to upgrade to premium but i don't have money, and now i borrow money to my girlfriend and i make sure that this is worth it, because if it's not i don't have money to upgrade to premium next month, i hope to have a result within one month, and i'm really excited to work with you guys, thankyou :*