Questions by Upsgirl 9

Would you please find time to leave a comment on my site?
I am only 3 weeks behind my Blog writing but I finally finished one! Please,…
2 years ago 125 Replies
Would you please find the time to comment on my blog?
My weekly Blog is done! I would appreciate your Comment on my site! Thanking…
3 years ago 207 Replies
What is the address format for shipping to china?
I need to ship something to China. I received the following...No.8-12,…
5 years ago 23 Replies
Would you please comment on my website?
My weekly Blog is finally done...OMIGOD! When you find the time, would…
5 years ago 89 Replies
Are you bored? have spare time?
Happy Holidays! I realize we are all busy this time of year; however,…
6 years ago 64 Replies
Kyles black friday offer just appeared?
Just letting everyone know!!! It's 299 (annually) FOREVER...yes, FOREVER!…
6 years ago 67 Replies
Are you available for leaving a comment on my site?
Per my 2 year plan, I am Blogging 1 per week. Here is my latest Blog.…
6 years ago 94 Replies
Amazon affiliate information you need to know?
A lot of us have questions about whether or not we receive credit for…
6 years ago 38 Replies
Would you please review and comment on my site?
It's that time know the one...I appreciate your COMMENTING…
6 years ago 83 Replies