I hope you know what 'endorphins' are?

Last Update: Mar 10, 2017


So I went out and bought myself some running shoes!

So I went out and bought myself some running shoes, track pants and running shirt (Whoever heard of a running shirt? What, it does the running for you?)

Yes you guessed it, I was going to hang them on the wall to remind me of what I used to do in the 'olden' days!

Well you'd be wrong! I decided I was not going to be a computer blob anymore!

I made a commitment that if I woke up before 5am I would go for a run, but if I don't, I won't ! (Stop laughing!)

I can hear you say, that's no commitment, set your alarm! I hate to say this, I hate alarm clocks with a vengeance! I am the one who is going to use an axe to silence it once and for all !

So this morning I woke up at 5.01am. I can hear you say, well that's that day gone, he ain't going to go running today, but you'd be wrong, again! HA! I got up, donned my shoes, pants and shirt and headed out to the great wild wonder!

Unfortunately, where I stay in Sydney, there are a lot of road works going on and it's on a very busy street. So after negotiating a few streets I finally end up in an area where they have a running track and it is called 'the Bay'. Yes, it circumnavigates a body of water, very pretty. The Bay is 7 kilometers all the way round.

I remember reading a while back a book called The Zen of Running (1970's book) in which the author recommended running within your breath. In other words run without gasping for air. For me this was basically a shuffle. I used to run and lost the habit.

Now I know you are thinking that I love running. HA! You'd be wrong! (Sorry, I can't stop myself when I am on a roll !) I hate running, especially long distances. But after reading that book, I found a way to enjoy the experience.

Eventually the shuffle will become a run, but in the meantime snails overtake me on the corners. Obviously I swear at them as they pass, they're just showing off! Don't you hate that?

Well after about 45 minutes, I arrive back home and have a nice shower and rest for about 20mins.

Now I come to the point of this story.

Are you still there? Or did I lose you on the first line? I felt like a million dollars! Yes, you've guessed it, the endorphins kicked in and my mind is functioning at full capacity! (Okay, full capacity for me, which might be half mast for you)

So the point is, if you are a couch potato like me, pick yourself up, head outside and walk/shuffle/run/crawl somewhere and feel the difference. It is too easy to be a couch potato, that requires no effort, but the difference you will feel after a good workout is better than a bowl of chips, honestly! Don't laugh, chips are good too, but they are much better after a run!

Here is the Google definition of endorphin which you have all been waiting for:



plural noun: endorphins

  1. any of a group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system and having a number of physiological functions. They are peptides which activate the body's opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect.

Go and overtake some snails today and give them the raspberry!

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Recent Comments


I couldn't agree more, I'm not much of a runner but I do like to train at the gym, especially in the mornings and I think it's a great way to start the day. Not everyone will agree but I'm with you on this one.

It's one of the best ways to start the day, thanks!

Runner's high-One of the best, Mike!

I forgot how good it can be Rick.

Used to run 5 miles every night after work. Good for you, Michael! Keep on.

Here's hoping! I hope you are getting back into it?

My knees are not great for running, now, but I do walk distances-up to 4 miles at a time. Less impact.

Sorry to hear that!

Reminds me of mornings at the Esplanade at Wynnum Q in a past life. Now I take my dog for a run in Sandy UT at 4,500 feet ASL. Dog enjoys the neighborhood and I get the benefit of morning air in my power chair. Makes a good start to the day. Larry

You are in the lap of paradise!

The endorphin rush is the most fun when shared with another.

That sounds good to me!

Thank's for your post!! Run Run Run

Nope, still, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle at this stage Brian.

I admit that when you got to the 5:01 part I thought that the running was over for this day... lol.

If you see me running you had better start running too, because something bad is right behind me... :)

In all seriousness, good for you, my friend. You are doing what we all need to be doing. Especially me.

Thanks for sharing your latest adventure, Michael.

Don't worry, if I see you running, I'll shuffle in behind you, I'm not going to go any faster the way I'm going.

You lost me about half way down.
Sorry, man. I don't have the same endurance that you do.


LOL! You have missed your vocation in life Paul, lol !

You are right of course, I have to exert more energy than typing this message although I am trying to do some walking around the house. The problem is this is very addictive. BTW great blog, very entertaining. Thanks Michael.

Thanks Jeff, time to buy some running shoes?

I love this blog hahaha & I feel the same way about the exercise thing but I get myself out & drink in the area that I am running/walking in & I have a ball. Well done Michael.

Thanks Linda, it takes a lot of effort just to get out of bed let alone run! LOL !

yes it does but I find it is sooooo worth it when I get back & think of how hard I worked. I feel amazing then I am ready to sit down & work in a different frame of mind.

Nice, add another 20 to your life while enjoying it. and then you will be able to spend some of what you earn as a success online.

That's the idea Mike, thanks!

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