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Lev Premium
Great to have you with us Tanner! I wanted to personally welcome you to our amazing online business community where you're never alone. I will be your mentor and am here to help you with your online ventures. So if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me on my profile page.

First thing is to Set-up Your Profile Page by following this video showing how to add a description & image:
This is a community and folks like to connect to "real people". Members with a filled out profile will get more replies and activity. So before you get started with the lessons, you should set-up your profile by uploading a photo and write a little bio about yourself, your history and some of the goals you wish to accomplish by joining.

I'm sure that you'll find the energy here contagious. Stay active and participate and you'll go far. If you can integrate WA into your lifestyle, it will change your life. It has for me and thousands here.

Just take your time and go through the lessons and trust me, by staying here you will reach your goal of working from home. If you want to get ideas or advice I'm just a message away or you can reply here. You can also post a question to the community or use the 24/7 live chat and experienced members will get back to you almost instantly. Try it out!

Okay! So go and enjoy the lessons and creating your online business. I wish you the best. Take care.