Questions by Twack 21

Can I get a list of my wa blog url's in one hit ?
Is there a way of getting a list of all of my WA blog URLS's in one hit,…
1 month ago 2 Replies
Update mobile site speed takes a dive ?
Hello all, I was looking for some insight if possible please. I am aware…
3 months ago 22 Replies
Is anyone having trouble logging into their site at present?
After having a pleasant email from Master Google in regard to fixing a…
3 months ago 33 Replies
How to add an intro to a category ?
Probably a daft question but I thought I would ask before 'leaping' and…
5 months ago 11 Replies
Mobile site speeds not as good as they could be ?
So today I checked my site speeds and these were some of the results.…
6 months ago 13 Replies
Any ideas on 'tidying up' widgets please ?
Hello, I've added a few widgets to the right side of all the posts. achives,…
7 months ago 11 Replies
Can I use a youtube video on my wa blog please ?
I just need to know I'm not crossing any boundaries by using a Youtube…
7 months ago 7 Replies
How many saved searches can you have in jaaxy ?
I'm working my way through keyword seaches and alphabet soup. I have one…
7 months ago 4 Replies
Is there a way to get a 'list' of our blogs here at wa, rather than having to scroll through all of
I'm looking to start trying to make use of my older blogs. Rather than…
8 months ago 13 Replies
Should I install recommended plugins on wp sierra?
Hi everyone, just a quick one,hopefully. On my site dashboard there is…
9 months ago 11 Replies
How, exactly, do you determine if your site is ranked #1 ?
If I type in my website name with no www, just the words of the title…
9 months ago 15 Replies
So linking from wa to pinterest is a 'spam' issue?
So, as per the training, I'm filling up my Pinterest boards. The links…
9 months ago 45 Replies
Lesson 2 of level 4 mentions " what is this for please.?
To quote the training:"At this point you should already have a "" plugin…
10 months ago 15 Replies
Unable to login to google adsense.?
I'm trying to log in using a 'gmail' account and the site takes me to…
10 months ago 3 Replies
Anyone have any recommendations for a book related theme ?
Trying to find a 'Theme' for publishing a book. So not selling online…
10 months ago 7 Replies
Could anyone advise on 'theme' choice please?
Thank you in advance, I know time is a premium. When I started as A 'Free'…
10 months ago 17 Replies
Is there any way of scheduling blogs?
I have still haven't discovered the endless depths of this awesome platform…
11 months ago 4 Replies
What's in a name or moniker.?
I like the 'quirky' or 'unusual' names,they're intriguing and draw me…
11 months ago 5 Replies
New members have the same bio?
I was just saying hi to a few new members and three out of the five I…
11 months ago 28 Replies
Hi all, I 'm getting a unique content issue?
I'm trying to add a blog section on my website and would like to use some…
11 months ago 10 Replies
Can I create link to my blog for others to see,do you know ?
I've had a couple of friend who'd like to read some of my blogs,who'd…
11 months ago 10 Replies