The Only Investment You Make Should Be In Yourself

Last Update: November 29, 2019

I've just typed 'Make December your New Year' and realised it could be construed in an alternate way than how I intended it initially. Hmm, which way to go ? The only investment you make should be in yourself. OK, I'll start with that instead.

Many of us will be taking advantage of the Black Friday deal here at Wealthy Affiliate and why not indeed. It is an opportunity not to be missed for lots of reasons. The one that jumps out is the discounted price (Which equates to $0.82 per day over the twelve months) Then there are all the added benefits that come with the Premium membership as well as the 'bonus's' that are being thrown in. It really is a no-brainer. The banner at the top of the page gives you everything you need to know.

Apart from everything you get by becoming a fully paid up member here at WA, which is a huge amount when you consider it includes hosting, training, tools, site support, community, tools and a constantly evolving and improving platform that pioneers the way forward in affiliate marketing, there is one more thing.

An investment in yourself and a commitment to your future.

That's really what you're doing by taking out the subscription. If you're new, then you only have the information in front of you that you can research and the testimonials of those who are already on the path. You can weigh up the pros and cons and you'll always have more pros.

In truth though, the only decision you have to make is if you want to back yourself. Do you have the confidence to be able to invest in you. Have you got the self belief ? That's what it boils down to.

I could end there, well actually I'm going to. There's a chance a few of you will have sore heads this morning and you don't need me adding to that with some long and convoluted post. December being your New Year will have to wait another day or two.

For now, take the deal, invest in yourself, sit back and relax knowing that you've made one of the better decisions in your life.

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HeidiAnders3 Premium
Well, I suppose I'll have to wait a day or two for that delayed installment of 'Twack's Wealth of Knowledge & Tips'!

Regardless, this post is very relevant. I've got every intention of taking advantage of this spectacular deal. The pros definitely outweigh the cons!

Thanks for taking us through another moment in the life of how your mind works, brother! ;)

Twack Premium
Twas' my pleasure. It's going to set us up nicely going into the year end and 2020.
Dave07 Premium
It's definitely a great deal - and as you say - a big investment in yourself. Now there is no excuse for not giving it our best shot at building a successful business
Twack Premium
We can do more than give it our best Dave. If we don't try, we'll never know.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Yes, TWACK, best deal ever, and a no-brainer all the way around!

Twack Premium
It just is. Nicely done Jeff.
Cinderella7 Premium
Done deal:)
~ Marijana
Twack Premium
Nice. Oh, what a year lies ahead.
megawinner Premium
Great message. Thanks.
Twack Premium
You're welcome Florentino. Have a superb day.