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I know, I know. I'm sure I heard someone say 'Enough already' and I agree. I had only just finished shovelling bodies, bottles and banners, out of the lounge after last night's 300th post party (Is that a party after a party ?) The short answer to 'How many parties can we have ?' is, as many as we like.Again, I was in two minds, which is less than the normal seven minds, as to how to broach this particular milestone. I had a post lined up, all about Swedish 'Tall grass' but after you've written
February 09, 2020
That's right, this is the 300th post, finally. I say finally because I've been sat here (doing other stuff) most of the morning and was putting it off. I have no idea why. Maybe because it's a point reached and then you're back at the beginning. It's a long way till the next one. It feels like you're starting again.Then, I think. We've touched on this before. Time exists as a constant (debate that at your peril, especially when you consider that it moves quicker or slower depending on closeness
February 08, 2020
Goodbye Yellow brick road, it's time to follow the one paved with gold. Oh, I've finally decided my future liesBeyond the yellow brick road.It's a 'mish mosh'. You can thank Reg for the most part and cringe at my addition in the first line. As much as I enjoy a good Elton John song, I still get drawn into 'The Wizard of Oz' obviously, as that's where the 'Yellow Brick Road' comes from. Where's it's going, well, that's a different matter altogether.I've never delved, too much, into the hidden me
February 07, 2020
Well ? What's holding you back ? I'm not sure that it's a question we ask ourselves that often. I think it's more likely to come from someone else. The lead in, would be you saying "I'd really like to..." and then the question comes back from whomever you're talking to. "What's holding you back ?" Maybe you do ask yourself the question, it's not a bad to ask.As is quite often the case, this was not my original post. I didn't have one in my head ready to go. I find that is sometimes the best way
I had to check, double check and double check again. Then had to ask a friend to check on their computer. Then I used the 'Incognito' tab and double-checked that. Not sure what else I can do. It is what it is then. Twack Romero is on Google Page One Position 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. It also spills over on to page two, three, four and so on, you get the picture.As is my way, I wasn't sure about posting this but after reading some of other members posts this morning, I thought 'Why not ?' M
February 05, 2020
"My head is in a spin, my feet don't touch the ground" Anyone remember that line ? Well, while you're trying to delve into the archives of your mind, I'll move it along. Don't stress it, I'll let you know later, for now, relax, take a load off.Now, before we go any further, let me give you some context in regard to this post. Today I was contemplating a post, pretty much had it mapped out, then I went to the blog template and noticed there were 47 'drafts'. "That's obscene". You're right, it is
Well ? Have you ever wished you'd never started ? No, of course I'm not talking about WA. I do wish I'd found this place years ago. Imagine where we would be now. My word, it doesn't bear thinking about, it just makes me sad and I don't do sad, best not to think about it.Today was always going to be a tight one, I'm out all afternoon with 'Ziva' who I have neglected for too long and need to show her some love. Yet, although I knew I was going to be up against it, I still had a very positive glo
I've just finished washing up and sorting the kitchen out and my fingers are cold, it may take me a while to get my 'type' on. Where were we, oh yes. I categorically state, that there is no 'I' in welcome to Barbados everybody. I could have gone with 'There's no I in team' but that's been done to death.The title is actually part of a joke but it has no place here, let's just leave it there shall we ? It's funny though and is making me grin. Anyway, back to the nuts and bolts of it. Over the las
February 02, 2020
I know, careless, right ? It's true though, my wife has lost her voice. She thinks it happened when were in the car yesterday. Being the kind, caring and considerate husband that I am, I have been out to the car and had a really good look but I couldn't find it.Oh well, life moves on, it'll turn up I'm sure. There has been a 'bug' doing the rounds of late, sore throats and the like, so we're attributing it to that. No opera for her this weekend and weirdly, we'll all be talking in whispers.I wa
February 01, 2020
What am I on about ? I could pick and choose at the moment. How about January ? That went quick, or is it just me ? One minute we were all celebrating the new year, with or without goals and targets. The next minute we're into February and this time round they've pinched a day off us. Sneaky.(Actually they gave us a day, my bad, running on fumes)Since being here at WA, my perception of time has altered. I used to think about things in weeks and only occasionally in days. Now it's shifted to day