In Other Words, Image Optimiser

Last Update: September 22, 2020

What's another word, or words, for image optimiser ? How about another word for entrepreneur huh ?

Work with me here, it's been a long day with very little progress, so I have come here to let of some steam and relax, got it ? I will also endeavour to provide some value, which is always nice.

I say I have made no progress but in one day, I have been introduced to some pretty amazing things and I am trying out a new form of blog post, the 'short' one, though I have a feeling that might be a fail.

This morning I read Jim's (@JKulk1) post, 'Israel is King' that was a 'Shout-Out' to Israel (@Israel17). Now, it would seem that I have had my head in the sand, as I had no idea who Israel was. (My bad, apologies Israel)

Turns out that he has produced nearly six hundred training posts, 584 to be exact. How could I have missed this, he is, and I do not use this word lightly, monumental. Hopefully this will go someway towards making amends.

I actually had a look at 'How to Generate Income from Publishing Articles on HubPages' and ended up signing up and doing my profile. That's how good it was. Now I'm done, amends made.

Back to the title. Over the weekend I had a 'website episode' that took me out for the best part of an entire day, in fact, it beat me senseless, I had no sense left by the end of the day. That was Saturday, possibly. By the next day, everything was back to normal, no drama.

During the initial 'no sense day' I deleted a bunch of images from the media library, they were only 'backgrounds' but it was apparent that they were large, large enough that my image optimiser couldn't reduce them to the size that was required, sad but true.

Rather than go through the rigmorale of trying to reduce it myself through 'Paint' or something equally complicated (I really don't do image resizing, I do but it takes me an age) So, in a moment of 'out of the boxness', I went in search of an online free piece of software and I found one.

Not only did it reduce the file size, it smashed it. I loaded the image, hit whatever button was flashing and within seconds I was able to download my freshly shrunk picture and then re-upload it to the media library and nothing moaned at me.

Now, I didn't have to sign up or register, I just took advantage of the 'freeness' and legged it, image in hand. There might be restrictions on quantity and I did read somewhere that larger images will have a water mark in one corner, unless you go 'Pro'. I know no more than that.

It was called 'Image Optimizer' (catchy) and it resides at I offer no guarantees but it did the job I needed it to do, which was good enough for me and that might be good enough for some of you.

Look what's happened, I am moving into 'long post territory'. Do you know what ? I'm going to end this here. Sorry, I'll have to give you the 'In Other Words' part, another day, I have to remain strong and true to the cause.

Tumultuous Tuesday it is.

Twack Romero.

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DCarpenter1 Premium
Hi Twack,

Another great post - thank you.
Yes I follow Israel. He is incredible, with so many helpful training lessons. I used to save them - but now I don't bother as I go straight to his posts & select a lesson appropriate to my level here at WA. I learn so much.

Twack Premium
You are most welcome and thank you in return. I now have a link on my 'desktop' for Israel's training and I am sure I will be dipping into it regularly.
ShaunnaLynne Premium
HubPages is where I started my original 'online life' a few years ago. (I may have deleted my posts that were there... I should go check). This was before WA, and I had NO IDEA what I was doing, but it was a fun start!
Let me know what you think of it.
Twack Premium
I will do, I haven't had a good look round yet, maybe some of your old articles will still be there😲
Tirolith Premium
I have been using PhotoScape for years with great success but will also download Image Optimizer as well.

Here is my lesson on using PhotoScape, Tom.
Twack Premium
Thanks for this Tom, I shall check it out, much appreciated.
Joes946 Premium
Great post Mate!
Twack Premium
Thanks Joe, always appreciate your support🙏
Linda103 Premium
That was a short post for you Twack, Trouble is I now feel there should have been more. Lol.
I saw the post about Israel too, an amazing amount of training he has produced.
Image optimizer rings a bell but I don't know why.
Twack Premium
That's how I felt and yet it was still somewhere near 560 words, so not short short. Maybe I'll have to work on typing faster.
Yes, kind of blew me away with the quantity and his bio, he has some skills, that's for sure.
Linda103 Premium
You do have the art of telling a good story, really pulling your reader in Twack.
He is marvellous.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very true!
Twack Premium
Thank you Linda, that means a great deal.🙏
Twack Premium
Thank you kindly sire🙏