I Told Him Not To Download The App

Last Update: September 26, 2020

Things I wished I said. That would be 'I told him not to download the app'. So no, I didn't tell him but that was only because we never had the conversation.

Actually, I should start by saying 'hello', manners cost nothing now do they. Although if we're talking about ignorant drivers, then it would seem that the expense is way too much. Luckily we're not and to be honest, I let them get on with it.

My youngest downloaded the latest 'Covid track and trace' app, only to find that within twenty-four hours he had to go into 'self-isolation'. To say he was 'gutted' would be a huge under statement.

Once again, the irony of it all washes over me. We had seven in the house all through 'lock down' and we managed to come through unscathed. Now that one has moved out with their girlfriend and the other has gone back to university, we get knobbled.

Needless to say, we have had to set up some 'ground rules' once again. The bizarre thing is that the app back dated the contact by six days, no idea how that is possible unless it has access to contacts, possibly, maybe. I have no idea

According to the app, if he's showing no symptoms, then he only has to isolate for another eight days, as the contact was made six days ago (five days prior to downloading the app, work that one out)

I was going to use the 'Jaws' tagline of 'Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water' but elected instead for the current one. Shall we move on ?

I finally got round to treating myself to a proper 'to do list' book. I didn't really need one, though many would disagree with me on that point but I thought it would be useful. I'm not normally one for writing lists everyday, unless I have reached the point of overwhelm.

I'm not there yet but I have seen glimpses of it on the horizon, so I am getting prepared and by doing so, I might be able to thwart its efforts.

If you can read the spider scrawl, then you will note that you are at the top of the list and by the time I have finished writing, I will have ticked you off, not literally though, or at least I hope I haven't.

I heard some wonderful dialogue the other evening and hastily wrote it down before I was distracted and had to trawl back through the entire film to find it again, not that I have managed to watch an entire film in one sitting for a fair few years.

Sometimes quotes are transferable, meaning that they can apply to many different contexts and not just the original one. I think the following works quite well in our quest for online success.

'"If you wish to be the king of the jungle, it's not enough to act like a king. You must be the king. There can be no doubt. Because doubt causes chaos and one's own demise."

'Doubt causes chaos and one's own demise' That's a powerful line on its own, enough said.

As stated, it was one of Matthew McConaughey's lines during the Guy Ritchie film 'The Gentlemen'. I think I have managed fifteen minutes over the last four days but that's alright, I have enjoyed those minutes and that's where we get the trade off.

Fifteen minutes of high quality entertainment (obviously that's subjective) rather than an hour of something 'beige', if you get my drift. If you choose your 'R & R' wisely, you can optimise your time.

This also applies to our online endeavours and where we spend our time, a warning to use it wisely, as I have said before, its finite.

I'll leave you with a line from the late, great Jim Rohn, though I'm not sure they were his words or if he was quoting someone else. See what you think.

"Life is not just the passing of time. Life is a collection of experiences, their frequency and their intensity"

I'll leave it with you, have a fantastic weekend.

Twack Romero

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Suzay Premium
Hi Twack! I missed you, because I was gone to a favorite pet sitting, house-sitting, plant watering little job for 3 weeks. I was a mile away, but had a car problem, so was a bit stranded. I know nothing about cars and it turns out to be an old radiator cap not holding pressure? Is that correct? Anyways, I felt like I was erasing because I couldn't seem to get any one to just come, find me and give their opinion. That's all I was asking. Two brains be better than one, especially since mine be pretty much Duh? on the subject. Well the rest of the fixing ma be getting done today, so relief is coming as well!

I'm glad to be reading #499. Wow, you are prolific at writing.
just wanted to drop by, read the post and say Hi! It's Sunday, and I hope that your's is a good one!
Twack Premium
There you are, It was not two days ago that I wondered where you were, after reading an older post of someone's, I caught one of your comments and thought that I hadn't seen you in a while.

'House-sitting' always makes me think of 'film worthy' adventures, though I am sure the actualities are less exotic.

As for the car troubles, if the end result was you losing water and overheating, then I would concur that a dodgy radiator cap could well be the culprit, it's quite often overlooked by those who much prefer to be harbingers of doom and go straight to head gasket failure, with a sharp intake of breath.

Good to see you Suzay, my threads aren't the same without you.
RamiSociable Premium

Finally a chance to respond! Screw this for a game of soldiers comes to mind.

Informed taht these apps are to be taken not with a pinch but a dose of salt! The tend to err on the side of a false positive apparently. Only you by now are an authority on them! You do offer some hilarious takes on how they come up with their findings though nevertheless! Still as previously stated better safe tahn sorry!

Aaaah the need to do list saunters into the equation makes you wonder however could you have lived without it! lols

'Doubt causes chaos and one's own demise' that is pretty powerful afterall we are talking 'off with one's own head here are we not wonder what the French noblemen thought when chaos reigned and literal chopping off of their heads was 'de rigour' as they certainly were the instigators of the chaos and most certainly their own worst enemies in responsibility for the loping of their heads!

Believe it was Rachel that pointed to 'Gentelmen' pity I do not have the same access as previously however with the way things are going that can rapidly change in quick order!;

That quote you offer I also read recently and it was as near perfect talking about 'perfect' in reference to Hemingway recently as it can be. It is something almost 'primeval' (wonder whatever happend to that series probably resting with all the others within the BBC labyrinths) when you get to see in words what is alreadt resident within and especially when it has for a while the strength it hits one with is pretty forceful!

Another thing is that perchance of you all having escaped when you were full compliment as opposed to reduced in numjbers for it to strike that defies all that is said and completely opposite to what is supposed to happen!! When these things want to occur they evolve a life of their own literally!

Take care the reduced numbers in the Twack household!!

Despit it you all have a great magnificent Sunday!

Twack Premium
Kind of blown me away with this one Rami, feels like a blast from the past, back when we had time to mull over a post and deliver a sound synopsis with some insightful meanderings, ah, the good old days.

Whichever way we look at it (the app), something doesn't add up, unless the data was already in the system. If it works how they say it does, through Bluetooth, then the 'contact' must have been logged somewhere, previously, else how would it know in the retro-active way that it did ?
The 'false-positives' would certainly be a way of keeping us plebians in tow, I mean safe.

When I first heard that dialogue, I immediately thought that it must have been a quote from some major piece of literature but when I searched I came up empty. I agree, it gives you a 'stop and think moment'. So many brilliant lines are lost within the realms of cinema/tv, though I suppose the same can be said of the millions of books that end up being read only by a few.

Yes, we are running a 'skeleton crew' these days, though the dynamic seems to be working but I'll say it quietly, as we know how these things can change without notice.

I hope you have had an epic day to cap off a monumental weekend.
RamiSociable Premium
Aaaah those were the days my friend!! I miss them but very glad was part of them as they have allowed for an understanding of the meanderings curtailed in a matter of a four word sentence hardly more akin to a phrase length for so much more to be gleaned from such a morsel. For in nuance alone a story is derived.

'Plebians in tow I mean safe' lols you are a hoot mon! haha and I had just finished reading an article that given the draconian response in Aussie land and the UK that if the plebians do not understand than they will soon find a lethal more deadly strain to contend with!

So 'change without notice' also speaks volumes withy the way this is headed agian see Trafalgar Square had a party and Hyde Park today only saw a picture of a German Doctor who was unceremoniously whisked away by Her Majesty's Royal Constabulary forthwith with a caption he was a speaker. Obviously he said too much which I too am now again in danger of doing!

Guess the urge to have a chinwag can only be contained for so long!!

Working all the way through it with not even a glimmer of a chance to come up for air!! whish I was spending some of it where it really belongs!!;

Hence the for a game of soldiers quip!

Never mind it's another Monday tomorrow have a glorious one!;
Twack Premium
It reminds me of 'that' video of the group of Dr's telling it how it is being whisked off the air in no short order, regardless of where it was being posted. If only one had a 'copy'😉

I find that weekends provide the perfect backdrop for some uninterrupted work, for the most part. The weekdays can be disjointed apart from the mornings. We do what we do, when we can.
Saying all that, I've been trying to write an 'About Me' page for the last two days and have managed a line so far. Still, there's always tomorrow, the favourite day.
Let's hope for 'glorious' on both our parts.
RamiSociable Premium
Good job some of us you have to wake up very early in the morning to beat!! So Indeed ;)

2 days and one line on an about me ?

Glorious it is then!! ;
Twack Premium
The early morning is the saving grace.
The tab is still open now, I can hear it baiting me.
RamiSociable Premium
Leave it alone! You know it is way past tempting hour! It's not the first about me you have ever wrote @😂

Mine was a solid outline just to have something decent to see. Knowing I was coming back to refine iteratively anyway!

Sure enough what is there now is the 4th revision. Which will get another soon as I notice they like to visit mine!!
Twack Premium
Anew day beckons and it goes to the top of today's list. I daren't go back to the others and see what I wrote but it would be prudent to do so, after all, we are are not the same 'me's' as we were when we wrote them. As Alice, quite rightly, states.
"I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then."
Have monstrous Monday.
Francisco97 Premium
Thanks for sharing Twack, I learnt a lot from your post, I also learnt some English words which I don't know before, because being not my first language, there are a lot of words still that I need to check in my dictionary if what it is meant to be. Have a nice Twack.
Twack Premium
Hi Francisco, thank you for taking the time to stop by, always appreciated.
I know what you mean, I am constantly coming across words I have not come across before. I think that will always be the case.
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Twack,

Oh, I am so happy I live App free!
I love lists. There is one lying on the breakfast table and whenever I take the last one of whatever from the cupboard, I immediately write it on the shopping list. Sticking to this rule, I normally do not run out of things.
Life is a collection of experiences, and in the end what counts are the human relationships you had.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

Twack Premium
I'm not quite 'app free' but I'm close, only the necessities find their way on to my mobile.
I try to encourage everyone to write on the 'fridge shopping list' to avoid the inevitable moaning when something runs out.
I have probably forged more relationships over the last eighteen months than in all the preceding years put together, albeit 'virtual' but they still count.
laparra1 Premium
Although virtual relationships are nice, at least some of them should become real. As you know we have met Michelle and Loes. Recently Lenka with Max, and I must say it is unbeatable to meet in real life.

Have a good Sunday, Taetske
Twack Premium
Yes, I agree. Something to think about for the future, when the opportunity presents itself.
RosanaHart Premium
I love paper to-do lists! You might like them too.
Twack Premium
There can be something very satisfying when it comes to ticking items off, though I might have been a little too eager when writing this one.