Has Wealthy Affiliate Changed You ?

Last Update: February 18, 2020

'I'm up to date and the date's today' No really I am. For the first time in about a week, I am fully on top of things. Not really sure how that has happened but I won't be looking into the mouths of any gift horses. Does that idiom even make sense ? I think we use it but it has the wrong meaning for what we're trying to say. Who knows ? Who cares ? Not me, if the point is well-made and the meaning is understood, then it's all good.

I found a few paragraphs in my 'blog' templates folder and thought I'd try to take another one off the list. It was originally titled "WA has changed me", then I read through it and decided to swap it round to "Has Wealthy Affiliate changed you ?" Just because the question made me curious and we like curious.

WA has indeed changed me and in a good way. Also in ways that have allowed me to discover things that I likely wouldn't have known before.(Not that I would have known that I didn't know it. I'm kidding, we'll not go down that road again.)

The acquisition of knowledge is a beautiful thing. It allows us to expand into areas we might never have found. This applies, not only to the vast array of materials we have here but also to the members. They all have so much to give. Some forums tend to have that 'Look what I can do and did' feel about them. Here, it's different.

There is definitely more of a 'Have a read of this and see if it can help you' type of vibe.

If I have time, I try to read the comments threads, of posts, therein lies some hidden snippets of wisdom. I highly recommend doing it that. I have found answers to questions I haven't even asked, in the comments. As Linda said in her post, we all have a slightly different take on things.

One of the areas that has been a colossus of new-found knowledge and insight, is the 'Site Comments' area. Now, I know this can be a bit 'Marmite' for some of us. A 'love hate' relationship at the best of times. It was a 'thorn in my side' in my early days here at WA. I didn't 'get it' and suffered the indignation of having my comments 'disapproved' on more than one occasion. It happens and I learned from my mistakes (It was me that was in error)

Times change and now I look forward to my interaction on that part of the platform. In fact, it is through spending so much time on other member's sites, that I have made changes in my own life. Looking at the 'credits and cash' amounts,all told, I must have left nearly a thousand comments.

Sometimes I will have visited a site more than once but on the whole, each visit holds the possibility of learning something new. I have no choice in the subject matter either, each new site can be a revelation.

From torches to tuxedo's, pets to psychology, computers to camping, I've read and inwardly digested the lot.

It's through this interaction, either on 'Site Comments' or in the comment threads on our posts, that has broadened my horizons. My view on certain things has been altered and I have made changes in a few areas of my day to day life. All for the better, in my opinion.

I sometimes look at other platforms or forums and read some of the content. For me, it doesn't compare. Sure, on an individual basis, there might be some excellent content but I don't always see the same intent, this also goes for the comments and replies, there's too much 'look at me' in them.

Simply put, here, there is a genuine desire to help. I like that.

So, returning to the initial question. Has Wealthy Affiliate changed you ?

Have a temerarious Tuesday.

Twack Romero.

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LenkaSophie Premium
It has changed me in so many ways, Twack, I don't even know where to start. Just from reading and commenting on posts, writing, getting more courage to do things, finding amazing people I consider my close friends, well, I could go on and on.
I will forever be grateful I have found this platform, by accident.
Twack Premium
How cool is that Lenka. I cannot imagine 'Life wthout WA'
It would be very empty.
I had probably written more words, by my third post, than I did in the past twenty years on social media.
Thank you Lenka, here's to lucky accidents.
LindaF Premium
Yes, Twack, you nailed it once again. Most of what you wrote here will apply to many members I Know because it resonates with me.

Have there been changes for me I can't begin to write them all! I also fell into WA by accident looking for something very different.
But I did find something very different!

Though all my trials and errors I have grown to where I never thought possible and yes made some very good friends along the way that have given me more then they will ever know.

I don't write posts as much as you do but writing has broadened my horizons and has helped me in my own work online.

Always a better Way Linda
Twack Premium
Thank you Linda. It seems that most of us have the same story to tell, with some slight, personal differences.
Early on I thought that I had to approach writing in much the same way as any skill, I was trying to learn. Practice. That's my excuse.
It never seems to be a chore and it has helped so much with creating content for the sites.
It's beginning to sound like a cliche but I have never come across a community quite like this one and this is coming from a social media 'wall flower'.
LindaF Premium
Right, you are about social media "wallflowers" Twack. I write when I have something to say. There is so much we can do with words but learning to use the word to make a statement is a big challenge. The only way we can tell if we are getting heard is by comments.

I find there are so few that really take this as a learning experience. The more you write the better it gets, but with writing, you can take your time and really think things out better than making random statements

have a great day Linda
ShaunnaLynne Premium
My answer would be YES!!

Then I question, how could it not change me?

Yesterday, I thought about HOW it has changed me, and I came up with a list of answers that can now be content material!! (Thank You for that)!

From the initial framework of a website, SEO & Keywords, to Google (and it's idiosyncracies), Social Media... the list is darn near endless!!

I may have to implement Temerarious Tuesday... I live for a wee bit of recklessness! 🤣

Twack Premium
You're very welcome. A 'wee' bit of recklessness ? I have a feeling it might be slightly more than that.
The greater the risk, the greater the reward, I have heard.
Ramco Premium
Last week was a stinker!! So not a very good time to be answering this question...however overall relatively good. The community is overwhelmingly supportive and even the events of last week have given me material to write about in the future...Happily I'm normally a positive guy and nothing really phases me or can throw me off purpose so there are positives in everything when one looks objectively and in the round...stuff happens!! its mind set in the end and how one is capable or not as the case may be in being pragmatic in outlook...

Have a great day!!
PS I'll attempt to goad Jeff into finishing what he had to say about you don't look gift horses in the mouth...with your kind permission. As of course it means you dont quibble about a gifted horse when it is presented to you for free as a gift!! ;
Twack Premium
Not sure whether to go with Van Morrison or The Shirelles, in context and using the meaning correctly (without artistic license which is wasted, as most miss it, like the Madness lyric) I'd have to go with The Shirelles.
"Mama said there'll be days like this
There'll be days like this mama said"

Obviously we'd have to butcher the lines and insert 'weeks' but that's OK.
"Stuff happens" and 'What is, is'
Plenty of positives to be had. More than most venues that are like for like, if that's even possible.
It's hard not to be buoyed up, irrespective of whatever is going on in our own small world. The general vibe is one of positivity.
I noticed on one of your other comments, that the 'laptop' might appear today. Fingers crossed.
Ramco Premium
Thank you friend, it takes a very adept brain with keen self perception indeed to achieve what you do daily!!! Providing just the right antidote and balm where required is a most subtle and deft ability that trancends genders, races, cultures hence the common touch but erronously perceived to mean literally that when it is the trancending of all the equality in that (the ancientGreeks had the right idea) . The discerning however see the inestimable value.
Keep on keeping friend, keep on keeping!!
HeidiAnders3 Premium
A resounding YES from my neck of the woods, bro!! I'm a changed person in so many ways because of this place!! WA was a breath of fresh air when I didn't even know I needed it. Now, I don't know what I'd do without it!

The learning, the opportunities, the community -- Shall I go on?! You know it already, my friend!

I very well could be one of WA's biggest fans in the history of WA - but then again, I'm sure others would fight me for that position, as we all have found so much value here!!!

Thanks for putting into words what I cannot!!

Twack Premium
Thank you for this Sis. I think you summed it all up. At the end 2018 I had a plan of where I wanted to go in 2019 and then I found WA, by accident. Life has not been the same since and I, like you, cannot imagine what it would be without it.
The future now has possibilites that did not exist before and I am constantly in a state of excitement. I could do with time slowing down a tad, as I want to savour each day.
Have an outstanding day.